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Broken fish tank


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I accidentally cracked my fish tank and I am currently trying to find a replacement for it but most stores don't have my size I need a 35 by 16 (whole tank) or a 35 by 8 (half tank) the top part only. I am located in Las Vegas and I am new to this site so I don't know if I posted in the right forum or not but any help appreciated


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35 inches long by 16 inches wide (the footprint)? If so that is a very non standard size and will be hard to find. Most tanks are 24", 30" or 36" long and 12" or 18" wide (front to back). Did you already have a 35x16 tank? Please provide some more details so we can hopefully help more.


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Welcome and sorry to hear about your issues here!

Like said, that tank size will be mostly likely impossible to find on a shelf somewhere. Did any of the shops you tried offer to order you one? I'm more curious if that size is even a possibility currently.

The other option is repair it with a piece of glass cut to fit. That's a bit of work and you need to be able to remove and replace the top and bottom frames without breaking those.