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Co2, Fertilization, Algae and more updated 10/10


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You have to read the entire post. ;)

Making a Liquid Stock
of Plantex CSM+B is more often mixed into a bulk liquid solution since some find it more convenient to dose their trace elements this way. The recipe for this solution is 1 tablespoon to 250ml water is equivalent to: 20 ml = 1/4 teaspoon of dry Plantex. This solution is stored in refrigerators to prevent mold from forming within the container. For making stock solutions for NPK use Chuck Gladd's Conversion Calculator.


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Hello All

I can seem to get kno3, kh2po4 nor k2s04 in a form suitable for aquariums, perhaps i can use something like Starke Ayres plant food, it has everything in it (n, p, k, fe, cu, ma) it is more for out door plants - any suggestions



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Is there like, a C02 for Dummies type of article anywhere for a newb with a short attention span?


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I noticed that API First Layer Pure Laterite wasn't listed in your substrate section. I know that you mix part of it with gravel and then cap it with gravel, and that is can make the water dirty. Any other advice, pros or cons, would be appreciated. THANKS


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target levels

Nitrates 10-20ppm
Phosphates 1.0-2.0 ppm
Iron 0.1-1.0 ppm
Potassium 10-20 ppm
i want to go for dry ferts as mentioned on many of these posts for my 600L planted tank.. after studying many of these posts in last few days i believe that is the way to go for good plant health and growth.. but i dont know what is the way to test above parameters.. I thought of buying API Master Test Kit (AMTK) but realized that it does not test Phosphates, Iron and Potassium.. it covers Nitrates and Nitrites but that is not the only thing to test in this i realize from above and hence dropped the idea of buying AMTK.. so please suggest to me how to test above parameters..

(~180g, 4wx3hx2d feet, pressurised CO2, 150wx2 metal halides, 4dkh light green - not yellow not blue, good pearlings)