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DIY - Root Tabs

Polyfilter isn't a pillow if small white bits.. maybe she was thinking of Purigen


Polyfilter isn't a pillow if small white bits.. maybe she was thinking of Purigen
Ah, yeah. My brain disregarded that descriptor for some reason. Maybe because she said "polysorb" and he said "blue pad" are why my brain went to polyfilter. But Purigen would make more sense. I would imagine that the other "rechargeable" medias from Seachem look similar. I haven't used any of them, but I would imagine so.

Seachem does have a product called PhosGuard, which may be useful in reducing phosphate levels.

Trey Turner

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I'm still having trouble controlling the phosphates. I'm doing 1-2 water changes a week and have not been able to get phosphates down from maxing my test parameters. I'll change out the phosphate pad this weekend and do a significant water change and see if that helps.


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Since I've already proven my incompetence in distinguishing Polyfilter from Purigen...is Polyfilter rechargeable too? I think that may be part of my confusion.

I have some blue colored poly- "media" but I'm pretty sure Polyfilter is different...Help? How do I tell?

Really, after 35+ years in the hobby there's stuff I just don't get yet. Can you "esplain it to me"?, lol. I feel lame...

Trey Turner

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So I ordered all my dry fertz to make my own root tabs. The CSM contains .1% copper. What is a safe concentration for snails and shrimp? I currently only have a couple of assassin snails and a few mystery snails plus a boat load of the small pest snails. I wouldn't mind if it hurts the pest snail population, but Id like to keep my mystery snails. I don't have any shrimp right now and I would like to add some in the future. I know the concentration will change depending on how many root tabs I use. Does anyone know what the safe concentration is for copper with invertebrates?