DIY Spray bar redo

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Eheim User
Feb 9, 2005
Medina, Ohio
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I've only used the Oatey All Purpose Cement but I don't see why any other brand that is made for PVC pipe would be an issue.

I wouldn't use the 2nd pic as it's for CPVC and the other 2 pics the cement has color so if that's not an issue pick one of those.

What I do is apply the PVC cement to the fittings/pipe, assemble the parts and wait for it to dry and lose any odor, then rinse it fresh water and sniff again. Once the solvents off gas, it's not a problem to use for livestock.

You only need to use the PVC cement on the parts that are out of the water such as up to and over the tank trim and into the tank. All the other parts used that will be inside the tank or under the water do not need to be permanently cemented together.