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Dwarf Honey Gourami Aggressive Male


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It's 20g long tank
Tank Mate: 3 DHG, 1 Nerite Snail, looking to add few Amano Shrimps
Nitrate: 15 ~20
Nitrite: 0
Ammonia: 0
GH: 100
KH: 50
PH: 7.0

I have 2 female and 1 male Dwarf Honey Gouramis in this tank.
There were peaceful when I got them (about 2 months ago).
Male tried to breed with one of the female, but I didn't see any bubble nest or anything but they were breeding.

Few days later this male got very territorial attacking and chasing both females away
I've never witness this kind of behavior

Can anyone tell me help me explain what's going on? Should I remove this male?
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Multiples of gourami in one tank can lead to this. I would rehome the aggressive one.


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If they did indeed spawn, then the male takes on a very protective role. He will drive other fish away, ALL other fish...Whether any eggs are viable isn't important, that's his job!


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See above 2 post. They are correct. I would remove the aggressive male.


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Are these wild type honey gouramis? I've only seen this behavior from the wild type honey dwarf gouramis.
I often keep those gold versions and have never had males become aggresive but they also don't ever breed in my experience.