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  1. My Fishy1

    FS 4 Extra Large Frontosa Burundi

    Hi, I have 4 extra large Frontosa Burundi for sale. The male is 12" long, and there are 3 females 8-10" long. Selling all 4 as a set for $800.00 . They are healthy and eating well. They are currently housed in 135 gallon tank. Long time tropical fish breeder that is exiting the hobby. Hate to...
  2. Stormyrose786

    Tetra with shimmies?

    I keep reading shimmies is common in mollies & guppies. I have mollies, guppies, tetras, & bottom feeders. The other night, I noticed one tetra looked like it was dancing, but it also didn't look right, & didn't stop...hasn't stopped. I knew my tank had high nitrates, but I had already gotten...
  3. B

    Urgent advice!!!

    I have had my 2 betta fish in separate 2 gallon tanks for roughly a year. With knowing that is not a good living environment i purchased a 10 gallon tank with a divider. I set it up with a heater, filter, and accessories. I then filled it up with water and conditioner then let it ran for roughly...
  4. B

    Zebra danios have prolapse?

    Well I have six zebra danios and one had a red thing sticking out of its butt, the last few days my zebra danios have been heavily bloated/filled with eggs I’m not sure. I have put the danio with the red thing in its own tank, the red thing has gone back inside. I was inspecting my other danios...
  5. HugoFish

    Any one familiar with Glo Danios?

    Recently I got some Glo Danios. Does anyone have some info about this type of fish cause google is almost empty of info for this type 😅 Are they easy to breed? How to know when a female is ready to lay eggs? Guppies vs Glo Dainos, which one is better? etc....
  6. HugoFish

    How to remove infection from tank ?

    PLEASE READ TILL THE END , THNX :) Hi guys , long time no see. Dont know where to start , i got a infected fish a couple of month ago and thats where the problems began. Every month 1 of my fish die . The water parameters are JUST FINE , the level of nitrite is 0 and the nitrate is almost 0 ...
  7. HugoFish

    H2O2 has a problem!!

    BBA was getting a bit out of control so i decidet to try H2O2 for the first time in my tank.Removed all the fishes and applyed 15ml or 4 teaspoons for my 10gallon tank.The problem is that i waited 20 min and nothing happend , no bubbles nothing... Think that the problem must be the hydrogen...
  8. HugoFish

    Should i add more fish?

    Hi guys its me again ;) My tank is 11 gallon and i have 1-Shoubikin Filter -> Mechanical Filter 800L/h 2- X2 pepper cory 3- Common Pleco 4-Blue botia 5-Opaline gourami 6-Black widow tetra + plants...
  9. HugoFish

    How to grow plants fast?

    Hello guys , i have 3 types of plant in my aquarium and it has passed 1 month since i bought them and they aren't growing . They are really healthy, but I see no change at the plant and its the same size like it was 1 month ago . I have tetra substrate like gravel and i also use fertilizer...
  10. FishL0ver

    8 Gallon Fish Tank Ideas

    I've got a 10 gallon tank. I call it an 8 gallon because of the rocks in it. It's heavy flow, planted tank. I'm looking for fish that I could have in there. I was thinking maybe ember tetras. Ideas/recommendations?
  11. E

    I think my loach is a dojo...

    He is 3 1/2 inches right now and has long whiskers
  12. C

    Algae Tablets Freshwater “New Tank”

    I have a two plecos mixed in with a few other fish. They have all been moved to a brand new 60 Gallon Tank “treated with conditioner, bacteria, and set at the right temp”. I have previously used Algae Wafers for the two Plecos in a tank and it caused one of the balloon belly Mollys to die. Is...
  13. U

    Fish selection. 10gallon 35cm length

    I have a planted nano tank. Currently I am keeping 5 neon tetras which always occupy bottom to mid region of the tank. Can I keep 2 guppies (1M and 1F) along with 5 tetras. OR 1 betta + 5 tetras. If I remove the tetras can i keep a male and a female betta alone? and that can 1 f and 1 m guppy...
  14. FishL0ver

    Top Dwelling Fish

    I have a tall 20. The fish I have in there are mainly bottom to middle of the tank fish. Im looking for a fish that will stay at the top of the tank.
  15. D

    Dwarf Honey Gourami Aggressive Male

    It's 20g long tank Tank Mate: 3 DHG, 1 Nerite Snail, looking to add few Amano Shrimps Nitrate: 15 ~20 Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 GH: 100 KH: 50 PH: 7.0 I have 2 female and 1 male Dwarf Honey Gouramis in this tank. There were peaceful when I got them (about 2 months ago). Male tried to breed with one...
  16. F

    Cycling with Fish

    I’m starting a fish in cycle and I want to make sure that I do it properly- I have 3 longfinned zebra danios and 1 ghost shrimp but I’m planning to get 2-3 more danios and 2 more shrimp after the cycle. Is this the correct way to do it? 1. Wait until there’s sign of ammonia and start changing...
  17. F

    Fish in Cycling

    hey! I’m new to the forum and I just got into fish and tanks, and I will be getting a 10 gallon tank and I’m planning on getting a platy, 5 zebra danios, and 3 ghost shrimp. Is this too much for fish in cycling?
  18. K

    First cichlid tank suggestions

    Hey all, this is my first post here. Sorry ahead of time if it's a lot at once :eek: I'm thinking of setting up a 75 gallon with an assortment of peacock cichlids and wanted some help setting it up! It'd be a standard 75 gallon tank, and for filtration I'm going to build a sump and refugium so I...
  19. B

    Stocking my tank help

    My tank is 48 inches long, 12.5 inches deep, and 18 inches tall. I posted another thread asking about how many gallons it was, and got the answer 50 and 46 gallons from two different people at the moment. What would be good stocking options?