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Fish NOT for the Beginner


just to add-
btw obviously im not a salty
... yet.
BUT i hve seen baby hammer head sharks for sale..
i doubt there would be anyone in this country except seaworld who could hold one.
do they get them from the wild?
or are they fakes or some sort of false hammer head shark


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Elementkid there is a false hammerhead or dwarf hammerhead called the bonnet head shark. Still part of the hammerhead family.


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Flame Scallops


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It's not a fish but sea apples and cucumbers can have a devistating effect on a system and I know a person would quit the hobby because of them. They are very beautiful and their colors make them a very intersting pick for a begginer. The problem with them is that they have a unique defense mechanism that can wipe out an entire tank. When under poor conditions, rough handling (by you or tankmates), or any sever stress (such as being sucked into a power head which happened to my freind, the person I mention earlier) the sea apple or cucumber will expel its inards through its mouth and anus creating a poisonous cloud that will soon circulate through the tank killing all other tank mates and leave you devistated, heartbroken, and having to start all over. Most would not be able to come back to the hobby after something like this espcially with the emotional and monetary loss. Knowing the pleasures ,rewards , and joys of this amazing hobby I would hate for this to happen to anyone so I would advise against them for any begginer.
I'm not sure how easy/hard they are to keep but there are some sea cucumbers (pacific?) that do not employ this defense mechanism and are aquarium safe. GREAT sand sifters. If anyone else knows more about how hardy they are...add in.


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rock beauty angel....i tried one last year.....it ate brine and mysis ok but wouldn't look at the angel formula then after about 6weeks it just died for no apparent reason....it was such a shame it was such a beautiful fish but best left in the ocean.


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cleaner wrasse......same as the rock beauty angel i had....seemed to eat fine even eating flakes....i even began to think it was a load of rubbish that these fish don't survive long in the aquarium....then after about 6 months it just died suddenly....just like all the experienced SW guys on here said.....so in my opinion best left in the sea where it does a vital job.


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I have some of these fish and I have to disagree with your assessment on some of them
I have a Powder Blue tang and is doing great never had ich, was aggressive when I added fish but I moved the rock work around and everything was fine. In my other tank I have a Mandarin Dragonette and is doing great have had him for about 8 months, I do agree with you on the Achilles Tang and the Moorish Idols had both and did not live long, it was sad and will never do that again. I have to add the Golden Butterfly or Red sea Butterfly not a hardy fish. Other then that I agree with your list.