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Fish selection. 10gallon 35cm length


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I have a planted nano tank. Currently I am keeping 5 neon tetras which always occupy bottom to mid region of the tank.
Can I keep 2 guppies (1M and 1F) along with 5 tetras.
OR 1 betta + 5 tetras.
If I remove the tetras can i keep a male and a female betta alone? and that can 1 f and 1 m guppy can be kept together. Do bettas and guppies go together?

Or any other suggestions for nano tank



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Guppies together will mean that tank is overstocked with guppies in short order.

There are some species of betta that can live together, but the domestic splendens (IE, the one commonly found at shops) will not work--the male will harrass the female constantly, and if he doesn't kill her, she will jump to get away.

A betta should be ok with the neons, but you will need to monitor. Some bettas are grumpy and will go after all tankmates, others are fine with fish that don't look similar. Also, watch the neons--they can be squabbly, and are fast enough to nip and harass the betta. Betta and guppies aren't a great combo--they tend to go after the males. On the plus side, a betta will eat the guppy fry for you...but it's a risk. I would also never advise a 1:1 ratio for guppies--either go all males, or 1 male to 2-3 females.


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Adding a male betta should be fine. Guppies should work with the neons as well, but as said above, I would not combine guppies with a betta.


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I think I'd go with 1 betta (either sex) & maybe another neon or 2 & call it stocked. Some bettas may try to hunt the neons if they are small.

I like you tank so far!