Garra Cambodgiensis

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Feb 26, 2020
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What about diets? The same? I know there are goldfish foods but never used any. Are they higher in veggies & carbs than proteins?

Of course it's probably just individual variations
I generally try to feed the same types of food, but in different proportions.

Example for my dry food regime:
I use Bug Bites Spirulina flakes for a lot of the vegetarian fish.
I use Bug Bites pellets, AAA tropical flakes, AAA tropical micropellets for the protein dry foods.
Northfin kelp wafers for the plecos and goldfish.
Northfin Carnivore Pellets for the meat eating pleco.
I do have some laguna goldfish pellets, but they get them as a treat as I wasn't a huge fan of the use of poultry in the ingredients (fish don't eat chicken naturally lol)

I use the big flakes and just crush smaller for the smaller tanks and use the full size ones for the goldfish tank.

My 55g with Phillip:
3x a week Protein based food, flakes or pellets.
1x a week spirulina and wafers
2x a week Bug Bites pellets
1x a week frozen/live/fresh greens/fresh shrimp

My 135g with Bruce:
2x a week vegetarian based foods (spirulina or kelp wafers)
1x week tropical flakes
1x week carnivore pellets + Bug Bites Pellets
1x week goldfish pellets+frozen chopped shrimp+greens

This tank also gets free range of duckweed for the goldfish to eat every day.

Same foods, different ratios based on what fish are in the tank.