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Goldfish in a Planted tank

Bob Clark

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Hi Everyone, I'm new here and excited to show my goldfish tank! After watching several YouTube videos, I've learned how to select plants that will survive with goldfish! Anubias and Java ferns. I would like to hear from other fish keepers and share stories/advice. Thanks


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Nice looking tank Bob! Is that a 55g? All fancy goldfish or are there some commons or comets in there as well?

I kept some java fern and anubia in my goldfish 55g for a year or so. They sifted through it quite a bit, but for the most part it stayed intact. These were smaller sized goldies though. Not sure they'd hold up with fist sized fancies or a 10" comet.

Bob Clark

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Thanks for the advice. My tank has been set up for over a year. The plants are getting larger..the goldfish don't seem to like the taste and thickness of Anubias/java ferns! All of my plants are glued on rocks or potted.That's the exciting thing! The tank is 55g.The fish are growing but don't bother the plants amazingly! I can't believe it..I've seen other goldfish tanks with similar plants.

Bob Clark

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I also feed my 5 comet/common goldfish(55g tank) plenty of greens to hopefully satisfy their taste for plants.I see many Youtube fish keeper videos with successful planted goldfish tanks...Aquarium Co op comes to mind.
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