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Goldfish problem


I have 2 goldfish in a 30 gallon (I know, too small) tank. They are usually in the outdoors for 6-7 months in a semi-large pond. We have a small, 10 gallon tetra whisper running as the only filtration (besides plants). It was the only filter we had. Surprising, they haven't died yet. But the thing is, a friend doesn't want their 46 gallon bow front aquarium anymore with 3 goldfish and a sword tail. I want to do something else with the tank, so the new fish would go somewhere else. The only option would be the pond and the 30 gallon tank for the winter months. I know the filter is not going to work at ALL, but I don't know what to get. HOB are not an option because they would not fit on the rim (I tried, a lot). The only options left are canister filters or a really good internal (or mix). I don't know what to do. I want to stay in the budget zone, which is 100 dollars or less.


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Check online for Sunsun 302 canisters if low cost is key. I have 2 and love them. They are under $50 shipped with media. I keep a 3rd, new in the box for spare parts.

What is so different about the rim of the 46 bow that a HOB won't fit? I'd personally run an AquaClear 110 HOB for this goldfish tank. I know my goldies stir up their own debris constantly, so lots of mechanical filtration is needed. I squeeze out the 110's sponge weekly during the weekly water change.

I'm one who dreads having to clean my canister filters. Lots more potential for leaks. Less potential with HOBs.


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While I have heard many "great" praises for Sunsun knock-offs...and understand the low cost being a benefit, the theory of needing "new in box for spare parts" is not really comforting. Just my opinion, Joel. Add in your "dreading" to clean your canisters over potential leaks (?), tells me to stay far away from Sunsun at all costs.


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If also got Marineland C360 canisters that I dislike having to open up and clean if that helps.. Or not. ;)

I'm not trying to promote Sunsun products, it's just that I've found them to be an excellent value that works just as well as my Marineland products, but at a smaller capacity. My 302s are much smaller than the C360.

Parts are easily mail ordered for Sunsun, but it's a lot cheaper to have another unit for spare parts.

Similar concept to buying an eheim or marineland part by part.