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  1. S

    Black moor goldfish “sleeping” only during day

    So I️ don’t know how to use this app but I️ really do need help. I️ got a baby black moor goldfish recently and at first it was fine swimming around and was very active I️ fed it a few fish flakes every other day, but it then started hanging out at the bottom of the tank and not moving much. We...
  2. S

    Goldfish constantly keeps mouth open

    My goldfish swims around everywhere with his mouth wide open. It started happening about a day ago. He can still eats and swims fine, but sometimes he isolates himself from the other goldfish in the tank. I attached a photo of what he looks like and there seems to be some kind of substance in...
  3. G

    1 year old Black Moore Goldfish

    Hi! So I’m new here and I need some opinions. I have a 20 Gallon tank with one black Moore (i plan on upgrading his tank once he gets bigger. I keep hearing how sand is better than gravel. And I hear just as much as how gravel is better than sand. I have a Cory Dora and I know their whiskers are...
  4. FishL0ver

    20 Gallon Angelfish?

    I recently have gotten a new 20 gallon fish tank. I am going to switch my 3 guppies, 3 white cloud minnows and 4 inch goldfish into the tank. I have always had a fascination with angelfish. I was wondering if I could put just one angel in the tank with the other fish I have. Is it possible...
  5. FishL0ver

    Fish Ideas For 20 Gallon

    Hi, I recently got a new 20 gallon tank. My hopes for this tank are to transfer my telescope goldfish, 3 guppies and 3 white cloud minnows into the tank. I would also like to either get new fish for the tank, or add more fish, like guppies and white cloud minnows. I was also thinking of another...
  6. C

    Sick Goldfish

    about a week ago i noticed my fantail goldfish sitting at the bottom of the tank, i immediately did a 30% water change and until yesterday he seemed perfectly fine. Yesterday he was sitting at the bottom again. I did another water change and looked closely at him to see if there was any visible...
  7. S

    5YO Goldfish w/ red spots on head

    I've had my Goldie in a 20-gallon tank in Alpharetta while I'm at vet school in Athens. I transferred her to her 55-gallon tank here in Athens today. She's been away from here for a few months now so I just noticed this on her head. A friend/"fish expert" thinks it's fungus. What do you guys...
  8. C

    Injured Pearlscale Goldfish

    Hi, I've had 'Ping pong' for over a month and he has been a bit bullied by the other fish, but last night he was pretty badly attacked (do not know who the attacker was). His fins are shredded, he has a several cuts, a damaged gill and half his scales are either missing or badly damaged. (I'm...
  9. Mr. Crayfish the great

    Goldfish problem

    Hello! I have 2 goldfish in a 30 gallon (I know, too small) tank. They are usually in the outdoors for 6-7 months in a semi-large pond. We have a small, 10 gallon tetra whisper running as the only filtration (besides plants). It was the only filter we had. Surprising, they haven't died yet. But...
  10. Arkmite

    I need help not killing a pleco!

    So my friend wants me to get his almost foot long pleco so it can live with my 2 black moors. I also have a few mystery snails in the tank. I have a few problems to start with already. This fish has lived in almost complete isolation for most of its life because it was bullied so bad by other...
  11. M

    Am I "over-chemicaling" my water?

    I have three goldfish in a forty gallon tank (Black Moore almost two years old, red cap oranda half a year old and a new Ryukin a few months old) and I'm afraid I may be putting too many chemicals in the water. I have Well water so I have no concern for chlorine, but I do get heavy metals. I...
  12. O

    Black Moor Feeding Amount

    Hello! I bought my Black Moor from PetCo, and the employee told me to give it 3-4 pellets, once every day. I read online that you should feed it twice or three times a day, with food it can eat in 30 seconds. So, my question is, how much should I feed it each day? Thanks so much!
  13. K

    Help! What to do about fumigation?

    Help! I have a 30 gallon tank with a goldfish and a pleco that I cannot move. My house needs to be fumigated for remotes. How do I protect my goldfish from the fumes? We just moved to this new house and I can't move the fish again or they'll die of stress.
  14. S

    Help!!! Emergency Ammonia Problem!!!

    First off, I'd like to say I am already educated in general fish keeping and know about cycling the tank and everything now. My current problem comes from when I was not as educated. I was planning on getting a small above ground pond and decided to look up a good way to introduce the beneficial...
  15. T

    fancy goldfish density for growth

    I have 280 gallon concrete tank outside. How many ryukin juvies I can rare in this tank with no filter but plants? And how many juvies could be rared with filter?
  16. P

    Worrying about my goldfish.

    I have two fancy goldfish who I've placed into my 10g tank temporarily (they will be moving into a 50g tank within the next week). The tank has been properly cycled and all of the levels are showing up fine, but something is off. I just added them into this tank today. They have it all to...
  17. chub04

    Goldfish Can't Swallow Food

    So a little while ago I bought a new goldfish. Quarantined him for 2 weeks, was doing great, eating well and was totally fine. After 2 weeks I put him in my 75 gal display tank (with other goldfish) and about a week later he started sitting at the bottom and when he'd eat he'd sit and chew on...
  18. S

    Oranda with Dropsy - Is it time to Euthanize her?

    I went on vacation for a week, and when I came back, my oranda was showing some signs for what I believe to be dropsy. Her belly is really swollen and her scales are beginning to raise. One of her cheeks is really swollen and she's got a large swollen white spot around her eye. She has some...
  19. G

    Can I place White Cloud Mountain minnows in a tank with shubunkin Goldies?

    I am upgrading my two small shubunkin goldfish to a 55 gallon planted aquarium and want to introduce another species of fish. I am thinking of adding a school of White Cloud Mountain minnows in as well after the goldfish go in, but have read that minnows are fin nippers. Does this apply to...