Green spotted Puffer Stressed?

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Mar 11, 2003
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Oh Well, He's gone. Just passed away a few minutes ago. I check the water every week, but I guess that's enough. I loved that fish. I had hom for 14 months. What a sad end.


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Mar 22, 2002
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Wow, I'm so sorry to hear that, how sad. =( Are you going to get another one? I'd get rid of the plecos & start over rinsing out the tank w/hot water & fishless cycle.

Bernadette R Borruso

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Aug 30, 2018
I know I am years after the fact, but I have some questions regarding Green Spotted Puffers, and this thread related best.
I just purchased two GSP's two days ago... Right now, they are both the size of quarters (one slightly smaller that the other) and are in a 30 gallon tank (upgrading to a 95 gallon here shortly) with 3 albino tiger barbs (they don't care about each other so far, and there hasn't been any fights or nipping yet-- everyone is getting along).
I am a little concerned for one of my GSP's though... He has black stress lines near his mouth and he's kind of sulking around all day and barely eating, while all my other fish (including the second GSP) are doing splendidly! His belly is still white, and it doesn't look sunken in or weird at all-- looks exactly like my other puffer except the stress lines near his mouth.
When I purchased the GSP's two days ago, they were in freshwater 100%. I'm going to do a water change tonight while adding a slight amount of salt.... How much salt should I add for the first dosage? I don't want to overdo it..
Also, I have not yet tested my water for PH, ammonia, and nitrate levels due to the tester kit arriving today in the mail.
What else should I do/consider?
I want to make him as comfortable as possible, and help bring his stress levels down... I don't think he has any parasites or is sick in any way... I have been reading about "new tank syndrome" and don't know if it's just a case of that, but like I said, my other fishies are just fine.. I don't know if he's just extra sensitive..
What are your recommendations?