Green Wolf Eel help needed!

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Jun 10, 2019
Hi all! I'm needing some answers on my green wolf eel. We got him a little over a week ago. We finally got him to eat for the first time a couple days ago but he hasn't eaten again sense. He also just stays in one hole/cave thing and doesn't swim around. He pokes his head out a few different holes in the cave throughout the day. Could he still just be adjusting to his new environment?
He is about 8 inches long and was qt before we put him in the display tank.
Tank is 125 gallon reef. Tank mates: 1 yellow Tang, 1 sailfin, 1 dottyback, 2 mocha clowns, 1 Sally Lightfoot Crab, and various snails and hermits.
Multiple corals.
Tank is 2.5 years old, recently torn down and moved to our new home (before he was added).
Any help would be great!