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  1. J

    Building an outdoor Subaquatic Vegetation Grow-out Tank

    I'm looking for information on building an outdoor shallow grow-out tank for salvaged seagrass. I work for a non-profit environmental organization and we are looking to expand our restoration effort into seagrass meadows. I am looking for information on building large grow-out tanks that will be...
  2. FishyWarrior

    Help with mandarin feeding

    I know this is probably a very common question here, but i have a different problem than most that i'm not sure how to work around yet. I work at a fish store so i keep an eye on every fish we sell, there was a green mandarin that always caught my eye there. Though my tank is only a few months...
  3. M

    Green Wolf Eel help needed!

    Hi all! I'm needing some answers on my green wolf eel. We got him a little over a week ago. We finally got him to eat for the first time a couple days ago but he hasn't eaten again sense. He also just stays in one hole/cave thing and doesn't swim around. He pokes his head out a few different...
  4. M

    Equipment change

    Do freshwater and saltwater equipment have to be replaced even if they're working properly? I heard that even though certain pieces of equipment can last pretty long, they still need to be replaced because they release harmful chemicals overtime or something like that...just checking with the pros
  5. F


    Hey guys so real quick background information. I work at a nature center in Weslaco, TX, and we just installed two tanks (fresh & saltwater). Now the other park technician took lead in the tank setup because he used to work at a pet store and he has experience with saltwater tanks. We basically...
  6. M

    Puffer fish

    So is it possible to keep a puffer fish in a marine tank? If so, how demanding would it be? This is just a hypothetical question, I wouldn't get one but just curious
  7. M

    Freshwater or saltwater tank?

    Just wanna hear from you guys as to which type of tank is the most fun/easy to keep :)
  8. Fishfriend1

    Saltwater Setup Help

    So it's been about 4 years since I last ran a saltwater tank and I've managed to forget about 80% of everything I knew about them. Hence, this thread. I'll do this in parts: My Plans, My Setup, and My Questions. My Plans: I would like to set up a 30 gallon reef tank with a few fish. It doesn't...
  9. H

    seahorse help

    Hi to everyone that helps with this question. Im wanting to know if the seahorses are just saltwater or if there is a freshwaer seahorse. I have freshwater tanks and my 5 year old son has fallen in love with the seahorses, but as far as I have been able to find info wise is staying that they...