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High Nitrate


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Have 20 gallons of planted aquarium with Hang on filter. Always when i test the water once in every 10 days it has high Nitrate. Today it was 160 + ppm and hence water change. There are 4 neon tetra and other 2 pairs of surfi tetra and one algea eater.

Kindly suggest with suitable solution to control the Nitrate.

I doubt on filter , filter will be cleaned on every week as part of regular maintenance

Here are the below test results :-

Ammonia : 0
Nitrite : 0
Nitrate : 160 +


...and over the edge.
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What is the level in your tap water? Liquid test kit, in date?


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Test your tap water for nitrate and post the results.


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Well, maybe much, much less ferts than you're dosing., IME. What plants & lighting do you have?

I like to keep my tanks @ ~20ppm nitrate or much less (5ppm?).

If you can figure it out, you will want to fertilize once, or maybe twice a week.

It's a combo of ferts in vs plant growth & water changes. Every tank is different, you need to understand the variables. We'll help you do that as we understand your tank's issues.


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Have attached the images. Lighting is SUN SUN led light. Plants are Cabomba,cryptocoryne,chain amazon,amazon,sword and lidwigia.

Yes I liked to have Nitrate @ 0 ppm :)

Also am curious to know on filter , it is possible to change now if so can we have canister or power filter?Please suggest