I want to fish!

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I personally invest in quality equipment but I was also a serious fisherman. I have somewhere around 20-30 rods and reels, from ultralight to heavy boat rods.

I see no sense in investing in quality equipment the first few times you go out. By the same token, you will have less equipment and tackle problems. I do have a couple of cheap setups and believe it or not they have lasted for several years. When I fish for keepers I only use my quality equipment. When I fish for fun I use anything I happen to grab up.

Spider wire is especially limp and very thin. Ideal for the experienced person as is braided line. I don't recommend it due to the price and being a first outing. If you get bit by the fishing bug, then by all means invest in it and a quality reel. For now, don't get the cheapest, try to get middle-of-the-road priced line and equipment.

Because I used to fish quite heavily and often participated in tournaments, I wouldn't blink an eye at at spending $200 on a rod and another $150 for reel. But that's to be expected when you can literally walk to a place to fish and practice.

Learn and use the Palomar knot - quick, easy and can be ties with wet, cold hands.
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Dec 11, 2005
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Just to learn on, I'd buy a zebco 33 or 333 set up which will do fine for bass and catfish and find out if you can learn to fish before spending a lot of money on equipment. I've been fishin' for 46 yrs and like ex, own 30 or 40 setups from light tackle to heavy offshore rigs. I learned on a little zebco rig. My kids learned on little zebco rigs. They're easy to cast and the 33 and 333 have enough muscle to land decent fish.



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Sep 26, 2010
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i use the shimano 6'6 solara and a shimano 4000r open face reel they are very good and strong rods i use a 12-15 lb test spider wire and learn how to tie a fishermans knott it will save you many lures and many swivels there fairly cheap rods and are very good for a beginner