My First Tang

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Apr 11, 2007
dundee scotland
Well salty, he had been pretty pale for a while and then he started developing some dark brown spots on his face and sides...but was eating and doing normal things. Today he has been hiding like crazy, I put some food in the tank and he came out looking like a zombie...peeling skin, white stuff around his mouth, looking like he wants to eat the food but he forgot how to...sad stuff I must say. He used to be the toughest, healthiest one out of the bunch. You can't take salinity and pH lightly...that's what was fluctuating since we moved the tank and it struck all 3 of my tangs hard, leaving them with ich and fin rot and leaving me with 3 deaths including 2 fire fish and recently my flame angel.
jeez mate thats a nightmare....marines are very unforgiving when it comes to any changes in water chemistry thats what worries me if i ever have to move my tank.....real sorry to hear your losses mate and hope things get better soon.


Dec 11, 2006
Hull, UK.
Definately sounds like Brooklynella to me (it almost looks like a mix of white spot/velvet/fin rot all thrown at the fish). I should know, I lost all of my stock bar a cleaner wrasse to it 2 months ago.
Have you noticed any rapid breathing, hanging around in the same place and loss of appetite?
This disease is very fast moving. Your fish can look fine, be very active and feeding as normal and then an hour later they are dead.
Here is some info for you:


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Oct 30, 2007
Sorry to hear about the losses.

Update on my Tang.

He/she is doing well. Spots are gone.

Treatments as of now have been 3 days in nox ich 1.024 sg

Move to hypo salinity tank (1 hour acclimation)

Penicillin for 2 days

Move to previous tank, cleaned and fresh hypo 1/2 hour acclimation

another move to 15 gallon qt with hypo

Treated with eurythromicin

Next week I will move back to the hospital tank, start raising the salinity. (probaly use copper safe)

The only real stress I noticed was usually after water changes, and after netting (only had to net once)

What I am guessing is this fish came from the fish clearing house healthy, picked up the different problems, was still bagged when I bought it.

Ich, fin fungus, and a bacterial. Three separate things, then stressed some, and was more susceptible.

He eats algae wafer, and red seaweed. Seems to enjoy trying to get food off the glass and filter pipes.

Now just hides when I approach, but comes out relatively soon if I just sit still.

Overall seems to be a great little fish :)


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Original poster
Oct 30, 2007
Well 2 days ago he developed a red raised lesion by his gills, was breathing real fast. Was not active, quit eating had me concerned.

Been doing regular water change, everything 0.

Died overnight

He always had a white stringy like feces hanging, and and when I removed him, I checked this and it was actually solid spike like a fish bone. (about 1/8 inch long)

It sucks, sure glad I QT this one