Need a list of good advanced books

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Feb 4, 2003
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Creating a Natural Aquarium by Peter Hiscock -

This book shows how to create a natural aquarium, it gives information on the different biotopes in which fish are found and the needs of different fishes, and gives step by step instructions on setting up each of the different biotope aquariums (12 in all) with plenty of photos along the way. Even gives instructions on creating a cascading stream and a cave environment for blind cave fish !! (tho not in the same tank lol :D ) A little gem of a book and well worth the money.

The Aquarist's Encyclopaedia by Gunther Sterba

This book may now be out of print but still has loads to offer. Plenty of information on parasites and processes, and of the actions of various chemicals found in medication and elsewhere, in addition to the information on fish and other water creatures.

For many years it was my fishkeeping bible.

oh and the Baensch series books 1-3 very informative and concise


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Dec 11, 2002
Oak Grove, KY
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Dr. Burgess' Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes

Kaylee Skylyn

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Jan 30, 2003
Ontario, Canada
My favoret and so far the BEST I have ever found is "Exotic Aquarium Fishes" (":the Innes Book") By Dr. William T. Innes (one of the hobby greats.) Its got everything. The version I have is very old so I don't know if they have a edition in print now, its well worth the search if not.
He calls them 'exotic' aquarium fish because many of the fish we keep are not indeed 'Tropical' at all. Acuracy is good. :)

Another I am trying to get my hands on is "Spawning Problem Fishes" By Willie Jocher
Its all about spawning the harder of the tetras, Neons and such. A great one for anyone like me who addors Neons and wishes to breed them.


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Nov 27, 2002
Queensland, Australia
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First as an overall more scientific than average book is

"Aquariology:master volume, the science of fish health management" published by tetrapress and cause i love catfish
"An atlas of freshwater and marine catfish" published by TFH.


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Dec 2, 2001
New Jersey
Originally posted by Kaylee Skylyn
My favoret and so far the BEST I have ever found is "Exotic Aquarium Fishes" (":the Innes Book") By Dr. William T. Innes
What printing / year published do you have? The one from 1966 and some of the others are available for cheap.


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Feb 24, 2003
Monrovia, CA
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Cichlid Atlas Vol 1 - if you like the Baensch Atlases, you'll love this title.

Cichlid Aquarium - Paul Loiselle - I would consider this the first purchase for anybody who wants to know about cichlids.

Anything with the name Ad Konings attached to it: ie Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat, Tanganyikan Secrets, Tanganyikan Cichlids in their Natural Habitat.

The Aqualog series - as RTR pointed out, they are pricey, but how many people really have to have all of them (please, no finger pointing) Absolutely wonderful photographs.

Bristlenoses, Catfish with character - by Kathy Jinkings - a wonderful little book on those cute little bushynoses.

The four books by Horst Linke and Wolfgang Staeck - African Cichlids 1-Cichlids from West Africa, African Cichlids 2-Cichlids from East Africa, American Cichids 1-Dwarf Cichlids, American Cichlids 2-Large Cichlids.

The Cichlid Fishes-Nature's Grand Experiment in Evolution by George W. Barlow - Not a how to keep them book, but very entertaining and enlightening reading. You'll fully understand what a cichlid is when you are through.

South American Dwarf Cichlids - by Mayland and Bork - everything you ever wanted to to know about these small guys with big character.

Anybody familiar with the multi-volume set on Catfish by David Sands or the Seub (Seuss??) book on Corydoras.