Need a list of good advanced books

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worlds last gunslinger
labyrinth fish - helmut/pinter

A definative guide to 02 breathers. It has numerous species that Ive never come across in the UK, and is a book that I would class as 'old skool'

As well as this it has 144 pages filled with the care/breeding habits/fry care of numerous species of labyrinth fish. It interestingly also speaks of the origins of certain species - for example the HOW and WHY we see our beloved betta splendens (.... the long finned male, siamese fighting fish aka thai fighting fish) in our Local Fish Store

( going off one one here but here goes, i've seen wild betta splendens in the streams of southern thailand as recently as 2002... Long finned versions that have clearly made their way back to the rice paddies from whence they came. truely beautifull, and yet vulnerable... another topic perhaps!)

an informative read though - the only downside being that the copy I have is dated... (1984, ISBN 0-8120-5635-3) Thats what I meant by old skool.

But I bought my copy from a christian charity shop in N.E 8 years ago (10 cents, hard back!!!), so here's hoping there's and updated version for most of you.

Still valid (in my opinion) is the 1984 copy. Ive bred and raised to this book.

Hope this helps. ;)