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Opinions on reverse flow UGF.


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I am trying to decide if I should completly remove my UGF in my 65 gal tank or make it reverse flow.
My power heads are not capable of reverse flow, but I do have two water pumps that are currently not in use. Maybe I could fix them to do the job?
Not sure I will be able to find a sponge to fit the intake on them.
I am using an Emperor 400 on the tank.
Looking for peoples opinions on the reverse flow. Do you like it? I think it would be easier to just remove the UGF, but if reverse flow would be more beneficial, I will go that route.


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You will get mixed opinions on them, some dependent of your substrate and what you keep. Personally, I love them and have many. Some driven by cannister filters, not just powerheads.


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Reverse flow can be accomplished with a standard powerhead by inserting the powerhead outflow into the UGF tube; just put it in backwards. This was one of the many ways it was accomplished before the advent of the RF Powerhead.

I don't recommend it for a planted tank but some people love them, planted or not. I am pro-anything that works in making for a healthy tank.


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I do have some cory and peacock eels in the tank, but I am guessing that upwards flow would be no more bothersome than the downwards flow?
Thanks, think I will just flip the powerheads. I already have sponge filters for them.
Any drawbacks in using reverse flow? Its not a planted tank, the eels do to much digging for plants.


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As long as you have adequate other filtraion to remove the debri, no issues
Marineland Penguin Reverse Flow Kit
Our Price: $7.49

Converts any Penguin powerhead to a sponge filter or reverse flow operation.
It works on a number of other powerheads too :)

Run properly, rugf is one of the best bio filters one could have.


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I went to Lowe's and took along my (Aquaclear) powerhead to match up pvc elbows. I also ended up buying about 2' of vinyl tubing to adapt the powerheads to the pvc. The powerhead fits quite snugly into the pvc elbow, and the vinyl tubing fits over the lift tube and the elbow. The powerhead runs in the normal direction (Aquaclear powerheads will run reverse-flow, but at a much slower rate.) If that sounds confusing I could take a pic if necessary.




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I have the Marineland Penguin power heads. I don't believe they are capable of reverse flow, but I should be able to find a way to flip them.


Just order a couple of the above mentioned reverse flow kits. works great.
The kit includes the elbow to fit the UGF tube, sponge, and intake strainer (that the sponge fits over).

You can see in the pic on the box how it all goes together.