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Opinions on reverse flow UGF.


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You don't want to shoot air under the filter plate/s; you'll have large bubbles collecting then working through the gravel wherever they find a path.


use the plugs...with the backpressure created by the RUGF, you'll just push water out of the hole otherwise.

been there, done it.


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I will leave the plugs in.
Added an air stone and pump to the tank today. Not as much air circulating through the tank as before, but everyone seems fine.


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I grow plants okay with a UGF, especially hygrophilia species, as long as I keep the cyano at bay.

By the way, regarding bottom-dwellers, mine always used to die when the UGF was not reverse flow.


...and over the edge.
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Weird...never have had issues with bottom dwellers, UGF or RUGF....must have been lucky!



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I am trying to decide if I should completly remove my UGF in my 65 gal tank or make it reverse flow.
My power heads are not capable of reverse flow, but I do have two water pumps that are currently not in use. Maybe I could fix them to do the job?
Not sure I will be able to find a sponge to fit the intake on them.
I am using an Emperor 400 on the tank.
Looking for peoples opinions on the reverse flow. Do you like it? I think it would be easier to just remove the UGF, but if reverse flow would be more beneficial, I will go that route.
Marineland powerheads include a reverse elbow. I have an aquaclear 50 and cut a golf grip to mount side ways. Cut the tube end to fit in the filter tubes and cut the bottom end to length and put it over the outlet port on the power head. Either one will require the filter on the input