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Otocinclus, the Wonder Cat!


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I love Otos' personalities but i can never keep them alive more than ~3months :(

Really wish i could keep some around for longer cause i really like em.


Hello my fintime gal...
My tanks seem to have a limitless supply of algae available. I don't think an oto could ever die of starvation in them!


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I've had Otos start to suck on the sides of my goldfish!Anyone else had this and why?How can I avoid this?
The two are not really compatible fish in terms of how they should be kept.

My guess on the slime sucking is the otos don't have enough to eat in their habitat. They do best in a tropical tank that's been long established with lots of bio films to skim. I'd get the goldfish in their own home and feed the otos some cucumber or blanched veggies.