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Paradise Gourami sick???

Rebecca King

Registered Member
For the past 2 weeks or so, I've noticed something is wrong with my paradise gourami. I've had him about a year and a half now and he was always the boss in the tank. I have a 30g tank with a larger pearl gourami and a pleco with him in. Over a matter of a couple days he started looking pale..not vibrant and colorful like he always has been. Hes started only swimming near the top and looks to be taking bigger and more frequent gulps of air from the surface. Acting very lethargic and a lot of the time swims like he cant stay balanced sometimes his whole body tipping down.He is still eating and interested in food, just not with as much vigor as he used to.
I've tried vacuuming the gravel and changing out the tank water by around 30% for the past 2 weeks I dont see any wounds or sores on him, no ick/white spots, no fin rotting...otherwise looks healthy besides how hes acting and his pale color. I've honestly been expecting to come home from work or wake up in the morning to find him dead.
Since I cant really pinpoint what he has going on based on him symptoms, I'm not sure how to treat him because i dont know what i'm treating. :(34837446_10158322725209616_342680021615247360_n.jpg 34846318_10158322722884616_132524952539627520_n.jpg 34904636_10158322721964616_1689809798339493888_n.jpg


Josh Holloway--Be mine!!!
He looks skinny, Is he getting enough to eat?


Josh Holloway--Be mine!!!
But, is he eating?