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  1. B

    PLEASE HELP my arowana acting very strange

    My silver arowana i got about a week ago is acting very strange.. he is sitting at the surface of the water curled up, yesterday he was just swimming at the surface now he isn't swimming much at all ive done a couple water changes but it didnt help, ph is 7.0 gh is about 30 kh is about 70-80...
  2. D


    Hey, guys please I need help I don't want to lose him! His name is Peanut, he is a FlowerHorn fry about 1 to 1.5 inches long! I bought him about a month and a half ago. Since I got him he's always had trouble eating then for a good week he started eating every day. the last two weeks I haven't...
  3. K

    HELP! White material on the shell of my zebra nerite snail in quarantine - need to identify!!!!

    I bought this snail from a LPS a week and a half ago. I put him in a one gallon bowl to quarantine him before adding him to my 5-gallon marineland portraitview betta tank. I do not know the gender of the snail but will refer to him/her as *male* in this post. A few facts about the snail and the...
  4. G

    Pregnant orange molly sick help!

    My pregnant molly is sick I think, my sister is fish sitting for me while I'm out of town. And she sent me a pic of my pregnant molly. She is norally bright orange. But she has over the past 3 days developed what looks like hard water stains on her back and around her mouth. I can't get the...
  5. R


    I have a 20g tank just her and LG pleco, had her for about 2 yed. What are the dark spots appearing and what about the fraying of her tail find? I've only just noticed the spots the last couple of days. Seems to be eating decent, and acts a bit lethargic. What could this be?
  6. R

    Paradise Gourami sick???

    For the past 2 weeks or so, I've noticed something is wrong with my paradise gourami. I've had him about a year and a half now and he was always the boss in the tank. I have a 30g tank with a larger pearl gourami and a pleco with him in. Over a matter of a couple days he started looking...
  7. M

    Swollen Mystery Snail

    Hi! I have an aquarium that's about 3 months old. It is 10gal and has 2 otocinclus, 2 glowlight tetra, 3 neon tetra and a mystery snail. It had more fish, but the tank crashed about a month ago and I lost a lot of them, these are the survivors. Since the crash, my levels have been pretty steady...
  8. BlazeitChris

    Possible Copper Poisoning?

    Hey everyone, So I've recently gone back to live plants but cannot afford a co2 system at the moment so I've been using Seachem Excel as a supplement. Now ever since I started using this fertilizer some strange things have been happening and the only factor I can connect this behavior to could...
  9. D

    White Fungus Growing on African Dwarf Frogs

    A few days ago I cleaned out my planted African Dwarf frog tank. It was 25% and I do this regularly, 5 gallon tank with two frogs. At this point they were fed earlier that day and ate great. Two days later as I go and check on them and check the temps. I see my heater broke, and there is white...
  10. M

    Neon Tetra: Sick or Normal Behaviour?

    Hello everyone, I'm a new aquarist. I don't have the readings of my water on hand, but my local aquarium shopkeeper told me everything is in tip top shape after taking a reading before I started adding fish. Two days ago I purchased 6 Neon Tetras and 1 Sewellia Lineolata. My question is in...
  11. M

    Am I "over-chemicaling" my water?

    I have three goldfish in a forty gallon tank (Black Moore almost two years old, red cap oranda half a year old and a new Ryukin a few months old) and I'm afraid I may be putting too many chemicals in the water. I have Well water so I have no concern for chlorine, but I do get heavy metals. I...
  12. Arkmite

    Is my mystery snail dying?

    So recently my fish got some kind of fungus. I went to PetSmart and got Marineland All-In-One Remedy. I put 2 tablets in like the box said to do and things were OK until my mystery snail fell off the side of the tank and landed directly on one of the tablets. He then closed his shell right on...
  13. carlyod

    Sick panda corys please help!

    Hi guys, My tank has been running since October, but my first stock all turned out to be sick (will not be going to that LFS again) so after they passed, I let the tank run empty until last Thursday 2/9 (dosing with NH3 etc.). I ordered 6 panda corys from LiveAquaria, 2 guppies, and 10 RCS. 2...
  14. A

    Sick young flowerhorn?

    I just bought a young (3 1/2 inch) flowerhorn 5 days ago. She is currently in a 70 gallon tank that was cycled with 6 giant danios for 5 weeks. The danios were removed just prior to me putting her in the tank. She was terrified and not eating from the moment I brought her home. After some...
  15. S

    NEED help my banded leporinus looks gray and pale

    Hi, i recently (about a week ago) got a banded leporinus from my Local fish store. It is about a foot long, and moves around and chases my fish . However, i havent seen it eat since i got it , but he doesnt looked starved. But, yesturday i saw him change colors to a grayish tone, and is still...
  16. L

    Sick betta-how to help?

    I purchased a female betta about a month ago,and a week later after her introduction into my community tank(after a week of quarantine in an 8 gallon),she developed ick.I then transferred her back to the 8 gallon tank which is then treated with oceanfree ick,slime and velvet go away! for 2 weeks...
  17. R

    Help sick fish

    I came home to see a nasty ulcer on my gold fish, right under his tail near his bum, he cant swim normally and swims upright (tail at the top of the tank and head down) his usually a very active fish but isn't moving much. I thought his floating might have something to do with food so I tried...
  18. G

    Sick sad goldfish

    I'm currently having a problem with my black moor. He's been very lethargic for the past day but I thought it would just pass and then today I see that he's really bad. Struggling to get up and breathe. He keeps getting worse. I did a full tank clean and put him back and it looked like he was...