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Post Pictures of your Plants 2.0


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My turn! :)
We start with my 75g
In this ^ tank, i have swords, wisteria, a small java fern, and penny wort. The penny wort isn't in this picture, but I will post a couple.

^^row of swords, then wave of wisteria, then more swords. I will be weeding them down.

Row of swords, wave of pennywort, row of swords.

Now the 29g!
Going left to right, wisteria, java ferns on the driftwood, and a baby sword in the corner. I currently also have some water sprite.

Lots of java ferns, this tank breeds them like it's no one's business. And a anubias nana in the centef

IMG_20140201_192335.jpg IMG_20140210_174123.jpg IMG_20140210_174107.jpg facebook-20140202-225942.png IMG_20140131_084802.jpg


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Had a lil' bit of time on my hands and went through this whole thread. Members here have some really impressive planted tanks. Puts mine to shame! I'd love to see some re-posts of the above tanks years later..


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Here is my 55 gallon low tech aquarium. I found out the hard way that "doing less is more". I have no algae now and have backed off and let nature take its coarse (after years of trial and error). I do not even need to clean the glass anymore. My plants consist of : Red Rubin sword, java ferns, Dwarf water lily, Madagascar laces, Creeping Jenny, Crypt Wendtii, narrow leaf chain swords, melon swords, corkscrew vals,Aponofeton crispus,Anubias nana, and ambulia. 12742172_1087881197923318_5322045494427525424_n.jpg 12687892_1087882907923147_1129495174524730396_n.jpg


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So here is a quick pic of my Fluval EBi tank I have at the office. It just has one Betta that my gf didn't want anymore, one Cherry shrimp, one Amano shrimp and
6 Ghost shrimp. It was in need of a serious cleaning because it still had the original substrate that came with the tank when I purchased it almost 5 yrs ago (it's impossible to gravel vack).

Most of the plants I have in there are sitting in another container atm waiting for me to decide on a new substrate, but this cool looking "tree" was a found surprise during the cleaning process. I thought it was just some subwassertang that was growing on a rock and then realized it was attached to a piece of mopani wood (giving it a cool tree appearance)