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Post your fishing pics


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I figured this would be a good place to show off my gear..

I'm usually using my quantum accucast, but I like a variety. I've got two heavy tackle spin casts that I really like, I've hauled in some nasty carp on them, and I have never had a problem with either.
I've had that black zebco reel since I was a kid, so I'm never letting go of it :p. The micro spincast is for scuba fishing now, I thought it would be fun to dive with a pole and fish, and it is (catch and release of course :p).

I have to tell you, that rhino spinning reel is amazing, better than any spinning reel I've used before and its only 50$. The rhino baitcaster is rubbish though, I'll probably mod it later.


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wow cool lots of cool pics here

heres a big snook my buddy caught 43 inches 28lbs he snapped this when I was lifting it out of the waterf


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I got some nice trout in the past,occasional eel, pretty bluegills, and last one is why I no longer use a stringer on the Delaware Canal for bullhead cats
.WP_000041.jpgPhoto-0002.jpgWP_000233.jpgWP_000196.jpgWP_000167.jpgWP_000213.jpg Last photo courtesy a muskie. Felt bad and released the remaining catfish.

WP_000233.jpg WP_000041.jpg WP_000167.jpg WP_000196.jpg WP_000213.jpg Photo-0002.jpg