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Post your fishing pics


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We went to Maui for 12 days at the end of Jan, beginning of Feb. We went on a fishing trip, trolling open water.

We caught little tuna, which were used for bait, and then I caught a Mahi Mahi on my tuna. He was swallowed whole!

Me and my fish!
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It was a nice trip, and a great meal. The fish weighted abotu 25 pounds, but I am going to claim it was at least 90! It looks that big to me :duh:
Wow! Cool fish
Can someone ID this?
Sorry I'm clueless


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I don't take many pictures because I usually go fishing off a pier or point somewhere and typically just catch a ton of trout (white and specks) a few flounder, sting rays, etc.

The only two pics I could even find on my computer were of a small red (about 24" or so, roughly 8 pounds) and a drum about 40 pounds.

P1013612.JPG P1013615.JPG