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Puffer fish

Mei Lin

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So is it possible to keep a puffer fish in a marine tank? If so, how demanding would it be? This is just a hypothetical question, I wouldn't get one but just curious


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There are several species of puffers that are marine and suitable for home aquariums. Spiny boxfish are my preference--they stay smaller. They require a diet of crunchy foods (shell on raw cocktail shrimp work well, with treats of mussels and clams).

Since I know you are looking at both FW and marine, there are also a number of FW puffers. The biggest issue with any of them is that they NEED that crunch diet to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Every puffer I've ever had has been more than happy to eat literally food offered, but they need to crunch stuff to wear their teeth down, similar to rats and mice. The teeth grow constantly.