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Water Temperature


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As we are nearing summer, how to maintain aquarium water temperature below 90* F. There are 9 angel medium fishes in 50 gallon tank , i assume angel fishes are sensitive to high temperature.

the loach

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Cooling a tank is much more difficult and expensive as heating it. But you definitely want to keep it below 90. You can buy an aquarium chiller, or if you need to do it yourself buy a small used fridge, put the canister filter in there. You can then regulate the temperature by extending the tubes in the fridge.


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Why does the tank get that warm?

Other options include putting a fan to blow over the surface, which increases evaporation and cools. But be sure to do more water changes, or top off with RO water. Look at your lights, as well--switching to LED if you have plants will help, or just turn them off if there aren't any plants to worry about.


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Like said above, if the room is 90F, it's difficult and potentially expensive to cool the tank. Only effective method is keep your tanks in rooms/areas where it won't get this warm.


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I use water bottles frozen in the freezer, but they are only good for lowering the temp a couple degrees unless you use many and keep rotating them.
Ice melts pretty fast in a 90 degree tank.
The fan method also works farily well. I use both in conjunction during our hot summer spells.