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What Would You Put In Here?


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It certainly won't take months. All you need is some bio material from an established tank. Thank you for the concern though.

Thanks for the couple of suggestions, to those that gave them, as well.

Very true and should be an instant cycle for you, verified with your test kit of course.

I too prefer live plants, but that can be easier said than done. What type of lighting do you have with this tank? It looks like the standard lower intensity LED hood you'd get with a tank kit? It might support lower light, rhizome plants like anubia or java fern. Both can be had at even the boxiest of box store pet shops. Regardless, plants are much better had through a fish group if you have any local. Problem with a 10g is, you don't have a lot of footprint to work with, so you need to take that into account with your plant choices.
Thank you all for the replies.

Glad to know everyone loves my fake plants. :cool:

I have the standard LED lights, you are correct. I was considering live plants, but i am not going to do anything special to get them to grow. Which is why plastic. Just being honest. I have tossed around the idea of java fern. I am pretty set on the idea of getting some moss going in there. Certainly not opposed to some real easy maintenance plants.

My filtration is a Tetra 2-10i and an Aqua-tech 5-15.

An idea that i have is to have some cories (most likely pygmy), and get a nice school of some mosquito rasboras or some ember tetras. Just to give you an idea. I am also open to a pair of apistos. I'm pretty much open to hear anything. Except bettas. Sorry Bettas.

I've kept breeding pairs of angelfish; severums; a tank dedicated to polypterus... So I've been around the block, so to say. Right now i just want to have something peaceful and calming to watch in my bedroom. There aren't any bad suggestions.

Thank you all so far. For real.


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I'd go with a school of microrasbora (pick your favorite, I'm partial to chili or sparrow), and one of the pygmy cories.
So... I was influenced by some of you for sure. I don't believe I could be much happier with the outcome. Thank you all for your words.

The stock is 6 harlequin rasboras; 2 ghost shrimp; 1 red cherry shrimp.

I'm already planning my next tank.

What have i done?



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I know how you feel, I went from a 29g tank years ago to a 37, 20L, 55 and 6.5, once you get one tank. More quickly follow.


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Looking great!


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Cute! Love GBRs. I never considered one in a 10g, but you could make it work.