White patch on ember red tetra

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Jul 31, 2022
Thanks for your insight jake. Indeed I do think that it was just a scratch. And I was happy that it didn’t spread and she didn’t have a change in behavior. I’m positive the extra water changes that fishorama recommended helped her to heal. Is it possible for them to develop a new fungal or viral or bacterial infection in a tank that they have been in long term and nothing new has been added? No live foods either beyond’s the snails that breed in the tank for the assassin.


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Jun 28, 2006
SF Bay area, CA
Some things like some bacteria, algae, some fungal spores etc are a part of the natural environment everywhere. They may be fine at low or usual levels but are waiting for a chance to spread if the right conditions are met. Stressed or weakened fish, a swing in water parameters, it could be anything that allows whatever to get a big foothold.

Fish & live food can often carry a low level parasite load that doesn't necessarily cause trouble but can if a new fish or very different parameters allow for their spread. Some "critters" are harmless & may be a form of live fish food. I have a many years old colony of blackworms in 1 tank. My fish may eat some but after all this time I'm sure they're fine. I also see stylaria worms once in a while, no big deal but I don't know if I have now fish that will eat them.

& of course anytime you introduce new animals or plants there's a chance they come with "something". There isn't a realistic way to prevent all chances of introducing "things". But I strongly suggest a quarantine tank for animals & at least a chlorinated tap water soak plants & "used" decor. I never allow "other" tank water into my tanks as best I can.