Zephyranthes candidum

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Feb 5, 2012
Eudora, Kansas
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About 3 weeks ago I was browsing a local pet shop and found a package of 3 bulbs called Water Onion in the aquarium plant area. The price was listed at $6.95. As I looked closer at the package it was identified as Zephyranthes candidum. Well I grow Z. candidum but not in the aquarium, I know the plant as rain lily. The plant does appreciate the roots to be very wet and will not bloom unless that condition is met. I went straight home and dug about 20 from a pot that I have been growing for 7-8 years, washed them off and stuck them into the aquarium. A few of the plants broke off just above the bulb but I planted them too. Now 3 weeks later the plants still look good. The topless bulbs have re-sprouted growth of about 6 inches. I am sure this plant is not normally growing submerged but I know a lot of plants the pet shops sell as aquarium plants are not strict aquatic plants.

Has anyone else tried this? Would anyone want to try this? I wouldn't mind trading 10 plants for a plant that I don't currently have. I would like to collect a few Anubias but currently only have a few (Nana, Hastifolia) or maybe for a Crinum or Aponogetin