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I recently have gotten a new 20 gallon fish tank. I am going to switch my 3 guppies, 3 white cloud minnows and 4 inch goldfish into the tank. I have always had a fascination with angelfish. I was wondering if I could put just one angel in the tank with the other fish I have. Is it possible without the fish becoming too cramped or stressed out?
Note 1: The tank is about 25 inches tall and 20 inches long. (Pretty much just two, ten gallon tanks, stacked on top of the other.)
Note 2: Most of the plants aren't that tall, so there's more room for the fish to swim.
Note 3: I have a telescope goldfish, so it won't get too big for the 20 gallon.


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I wouldn't put an angel (single) in anything less than a 29g tank. I'd rehome the goldfish too if you can. If you do that you could up the number of white clouds or maybe add something like celestial pearl danios.


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I see problems with your tank & plan. Goldfish are cold water fish & grow too large for your tank. White clouds are ok at cool-ish temps & guppies don't mind lower temp than angelfish. But an angel will likely try to eat both smaller fish.

Both the angel & goldfish will outgrow your tank... & it should be soon.

I know that's not what you're hoping to hear but all of us here want you to have a long term balanced tank.


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Well, my goldfish died over the weekend due to a freak accident. I understand that now I at least need a 29 gallon. Thanks for the help.

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You can always go nuts and get another tank so you can have incompatible fish in two separate setups. It's almost impossible not to start getting more and more tanks once you're hooked, anyway. :)