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  1. B

    Algae explosion from filter

    Hi all, I'm a first-time poster here. I had a small 20 gallon tank with a handful of fish several years ago, but am just now getting into the hobby with both feet. This weekend, I purchased a used 75 gallon system locally. Everything is in excellent condition, except the previous owner had...
  2. F

    Cycling with Fish

    I’m starting a fish in cycle and I want to make sure that I do it properly- I have 3 longfinned zebra danios and 1 ghost shrimp but I’m planning to get 2-3 more danios and 2 more shrimp after the cycle. Is this the correct way to do it? 1. Wait until there’s sign of ammonia and start changing...
  3. F

    Fish in Cycling

    hey! I’m new to the forum and I just got into fish and tanks, and I will be getting a 10 gallon tank and I’m planning on getting a platy, 5 zebra danios, and 3 ghost shrimp. Is this too much for fish in cycling?
  4. FishyWarrior

    Question about using old media to cycle a tank.

    I was wondering, if i chose to use old filter media or gravel from a friend's established tank, how much would be enough? Like, is just a handful of gravel good enough, or would it have to completely cover the tank bottom? And how long would i typically have to wait before adding the fish in after?
  5. S

    Help!!! Emergency Ammonia Problem!!!

    First off, I'd like to say I am already educated in general fish keeping and know about cycling the tank and everything now. My current problem comes from when I was not as educated. I was planning on getting a small above ground pond and decided to look up a good way to introduce the beneficial...
  6. carlyod

    Stocking new 20g tall

    Hey everyone! So in October I began cycling my brand-new 20g tall planted tank (first one ever!). Things seemed great, it finally cycled in mid-November, and I added a stock of 1 guppy and 6 neon tetras. Then, two days later, the guppy died. I soon noticed the tetras progressively looking worse...
  7. O

    Stalled cycle - no signs of nitrites

    Hi all, I want to start off by saying that I have successfully cycled 7 tanks with fish in it and this is my first time doing it fishless. I've decided to set up a 20 gallon tank for my shrimp with canister and sponge filter walls installed. I had also put driftwood, some moss, duckweed, shrimp...
  8. Teddy's Mom

    Do live plants or driftwood affect the cycling process?

    I've just set up my first tank, 37 gallons with a few pieces of driftwood (which are leaching tannins into the water so it's kind of the color of weak tea) and maybe 10 or 15 medium & small plants. I'm wondering if the plants or wood will have any effect on cycling. My understanding is that many...
  9. 0

    Swapping to a bigger tank for the first time help

    Hi, I've not kept fish before this one. I inherited a goldfish in a 75 litre tank. He's happy in there and I do water changes and the little stick tests once per week. I have a new 100 litre tank coming for him tomorrow, and I'm wondering if I can use his current tank water and filter in the...
  10. Dianoktos

    New to the hobby, have a few questions. (well, several)

    Hello there everyone! I'm Dianoktos, I'm glad to be here and glad a place like 'here' exists. well, first off, I decided I wanted an aquarium. (didn't we all?) I was super excited and dove right in, purchasing a nice 20gal tank (not long) with a lid+light, a wonderful Fluval HOB filter that's...
  11. courtneypie

    Getting back into the hobby!

    I've been out of the hobby for about four years now, and BF and I just decided we missed having fish, so we're setting up my old 10gal in our apartment (the 60gal has to stay at my mom's for now). Re: cycling: I got a bit of gravel from the guy at the LFS and all related accessories (the only...
  12. G

    Newbie tank cycling issues.

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 10 gallon tank after having betta fish for a while. My story is not a long one, but a painful one.. It started with the tank. I purchased this one from petsmart...