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  1. S

    My pleco is turning white! In need of help.

    My pleco fish fins started getting white and then the top of his body and under his body. Im not sure if hes sick or what i should do . IS my fish dying?
  2. B

    PLEASE HELP my arowana acting very strange

    My silver arowana i got about a week ago is acting very strange.. he is sitting at the surface of the water curled up, yesterday he was just swimming at the surface now he isn't swimming much at all ive done a couple water changes but it didnt help, ph is 7.0 gh is about 30 kh is about 70-80...
  3. M

    Snail Question

    I'm new to the forum, but have been using the forum for years as a resource to get my tank running. Right now, I have a 55gal tank, using Pool Filter Sand, some pottery clay for hiding as well as store bought decorations and driftwood to keep the fish happy. I am confused, because my tank...
  4. R

    Betta Fish, possible fin rot? Need help

    Hello, I am a new betta fish owner and while doing a bit of cleaning in my betta's tank today I noticed his back tail fin looks tattered and pieces are missing. It wasn't like that yesterday and I'm pretty worried. This is what his fin looked like a few days ago: Looking back on pictures...
  5. A

    My fishes keep dying! Help!!|Freshwater

    Hello guys, So here's the deal: I have a 35 gallon tank and a 5 gallon tank. Each time I buy a new fish for my 35 gallon tank, at least one of them die. Most of the time my water levels were fine so I thought maybe there was a problem with the fish itself.... I won't talk much about the 5...
  6. O

    Black Moor Goldfish Help

    Hello! I am new to taking care of fish, and I bought a Black Moor at PetCo. He is in a 1.77 gallon tank, and he is about 2 inches wide. He was swimming perfectly fine at the PetCo tank, with 4 more goldfish in his tank. The tank at PetCo is about the size of mine. The problem is, my Black Moor...
  7. Stephpartin

    GBR at top of tank

    Hello everyone hope all is well with you guys:)) I believe I have a sick ram and I feel so helpless just watching him die!! I have had him for 8 months in a 20 gallon high with a female ram, an otto and 4 Julie cories. I have a fluval C4 power filter, a hydro sponge, lots of hiding places...
  8. T

    Aquarium Heater Issue

    So yesterday I bought the aquatop 100 w heater for my 20 gallon long aquarium. I followed the instruction manual and also placed the heater near air stone so it has circulation. So what is happening is the heater, at least from what I understand so far, is that I'll turn the heater on let's say...
  9. R

    Male betta fish with silver/ cloudy white looking jaw

    I adopted a red male betta fish from a cheap side road shop this year and he has gone through some tough times due too my lack of experience. He has jumped out of a bowl while I changed his tank and suffered a damaged fin. It has healed and he seems fine but about six months later, after leaving...
  10. O

    Neon tetras having trouble

    Ok so I have a 10 gallon tank and the other day I made the mistake of putting too much aquatic salt in it. A bunch of my fish died but some of them survived. One of my neon tetras is all bloated and pale and his eyes are bulging. Another neons tail is a stump could that be fin rot? Please help...