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  1. H

    Pleco wont eat vegetables!!

    Hello i have a common pleco . Recived it a week ago ,and tried to give him different vegetables like zucchini or cucumber , but he wont even touch that! What should i do??
  2. C

    Algae Tablets Freshwater “New Tank”

    I have a two plecos mixed in with a few other fish. They have all been moved to a brand new 60 Gallon Tank “treated with conditioner, bacteria, and set at the right temp”. I have previously used Algae Wafers for the two Plecos in a tank and it caused one of the balloon belly Mollys to die. Is...
  3. S

    My pleco is turning white! In need of help.

    My pleco fish fins started getting white and then the top of his body and under his body. Im not sure if hes sick or what i should do . IS my fish dying?
  4. K

    First cichlid tank suggestions

    Hey all, this is my first post here. Sorry ahead of time if it's a lot at once :eek: I'm thinking of setting up a 75 gallon with an assortment of peacock cichlids and wanted some help setting it up! It'd be a standard 75 gallon tank, and for filtration I'm going to build a sump and refugium so I...
  5. M

    Looking for L144 Plecos

    I am looking to purchase a mature breeding pair of L144 Plecos, Longfin would be preferred. I am also interested in some Super Reds, Calico, or another strain similar. MUST be BN Pleco! Reply if you have any.
  6. K

    False Sae

    I believe I have a false Sae the pet store told me it was a true one. My question is My Sae is getting very fat and long? (About 2 to 3 inches long and the fatness of a pinky finger I am a newbie to this hobby but I have asked questions and did a little research. In my 20g tank I have 2 male...
  7. B

    Pleco with Hole

    Hi everyone I seem to have a issue with my pleco. I have had it for 2-3 years and no issues till last week. He decided to go behind some drift wood which has been in the tank forever and move it. He has done it many times before, but this time he scrapped off some skin on both sides of his body...
  8. A

    Who ate the pleco?

    I have a tank with zebra & leopard danios, neon tetras, a Siamese algae eater, Cory catfish and a baby albino bristlenose pleco. Today I saw that one of the fish had eaten the pleco but I don't know which fish would have done it. If you know which one may have eaten it, please tell me!
  9. F

    The Bristlenose Pleco Breeding Files

    My goal is to achieve a batch of super calico longfins Setup --------------------------------------- 29 gal In tank filter 100 w heater Oxegenating plants Driftwood ---------------------------------------------- Starting with super Reds / albino longfins Will get back with more info