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Equipment change

Mei Lin

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Do freshwater and saltwater equipment have to be replaced even if they're working properly? I heard that even though certain pieces of equipment can last pretty long, they still need to be replaced because they release harmful chemicals overtime or something like that...just checking with the pros


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I haven't seen any issues. I guess it is possible in theory, but somewhat doubtful with regular water changes that most hobbyists do. I have Magnum filters that are over 30 years old...except for o-ring replacements or impellers, I can't see any effect from them, especially with the water volume exchange.

It's not like a water bottle sitting stagnant for weeks.


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What equipment are you asking about? Heaters? Filters?


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There are some things that require maintenance and replacement--carbon, for example, has a limited useful life. Light bulbs shift spectrum as they age, and should be replaced. But those are the exceptions--the hardware that contains the carbon is fine, etc. What specifically are you asking about?


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Filters, heaters, chillers, air stones
Heater and filter only need to be replaced when they stop working. Some of my heaters and filters are almost 30 years old. Why do you have a chiller? Is it a saltwater tank? Are you from a hot location?


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Air stones should be lumped in with 'need to be replaced when clogged'. If you notice a big change in the bubbles size, probably time to swap. You can try cleaning them in hydrogen peroxide to remove the organic build up or just put in a new one.

Filters, heaters, and chillers should be fine to keep using until the fail. Filters and chillers have parts that may need to be replaced as part of regular maintenance--o-rings, gaskets, impellers, etc--but the housing should be fine so long as it doesn't get dropped and crack. Chillers, if not properly drained before storage, can also have rust issues if water sits in the lines.