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Beginner Fish for Your Reef or FOWLR


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Great thread.

Although I have kept fish for over ten years I am brand new to Marine.

I recently bought a Juwel Vision 260 that came with 50kg of Live Rock, a Lipstick Tang and Common Clown. It had 2 years of concurrent mature water in it and was running using a Protein Skimmer, built in Juwel filter and power head.

I have added a Arcadia Luminaire with 4 T5 lights (2 white, 2 Blue) and last week added Devil Fingers and a small colony of Button Polyps.

I'm concerned that the coral is not thriving as its condition seems to be worsening (although the change is subtle and could be my paranoia).

Can anyone offer advice on this matter?


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This thread is awsome! thank you very much everything is well noted and gonna be used in my new nano


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Green Chromis are a good choice for a beginner too.


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Thanks for the info. Keep up the good work.


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Good thread. Thanks everyone. I'm thinking about starting a saltwater tank and this is a big help with fish selection.


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can we have some prices on future fish.