My 55g tank

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Dec 11, 2011
Blairstown, New Jersey
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I taken off the old broken leaves off my vals and they have to growing new leaves and spreading along the back of my tank. I added some more rocks, wood and plants from my 6.5 gallon tank I had to tear down. The extra rocks crated more caves for my crazy pictus catfish to explore, he has grown fast since I gotten him months ago. I believe he’s now full grown at 5”, ignores my tetras completely and inhales shrimp pellets I feed him. His mouth is big enough to eat my black neons, but he hasn’t even gone after any of them.

I do have three female HM bettas in the tank along with a male Koi HMPK betta, he’ll chase them off when they get to close, but he doesn’t do anything to harm them. I keep a close eye on them, none of them are showing any signs of stress. Always out and about and active as can be. I know its not a good idea to keep a male with females, but so far no issues.