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Platy with a curved spine with pics... HELP!

Eastside Game

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Yesterday i have noticed that one of my female platies got a curved spine. All of the other fish are fine except her. Any suggestions on what to do with her? I have quarantined her but that's about it.

Here are the pics.( Sorry they are blurry)

moto_0230.jpg moto_0228.jpg moto_0231.jpg


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Yeah. I've had that happen. Normally a curved spine is from stress. It may turn into shimmy, which is caused by stress in live bearers. There's nothing really you can do


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I had a convict that had gotten stuck in a decoration when he was little and had broken his spine. He was forever crooked and spent most his time on his side. He ate normally and swam as normally as possible. He lived about 6 years like that and grew to about 8 inches. Sometimes things just happen and the fish adapts or sometimes they don't.

I can't say that the curved spine isn't caused by an illness so I'd keep an eye on it. But if it's not necessarily a death sentence.


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You might want to check out this link. It could be tuberculosis.


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Has the fish been like that for a long time, or did it suddenly develop? I have a platy with a similar symptom, but it has been like that since it was born. I didn't think he would last that long but he's developing just fine and growing normally. He just looks weird. I just figured it was either a birth defect or caused by damage early in life.


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With an assumption that youre using NYC water which does not have good buffering ability, perhaps your pH is lower than 7.0.

Could be due to TB but could be due to prolonged exposure to low pH for livebearers.

Post the results of basic tests!