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Pregnant orange molly sick help!

Gypsy Danger

Registered Member
My pregnant molly is sick I think, my sister is fish sitting for me while I'm out of town. And she sent me a pic of my pregnant molly. She is norally bright orange. But she has over the past 3 days developed what looks like hard water stains on her back and around her mouth. I can't get the parameters until tomorrow. She is acting normal and doesn't seem distressed. Eating, swimming ok. Not rubbing against the tank or decor. She is breathing a bit heavy but that might be the fry's may be close to being born she is looking rather boxy. I looked up fish illnesses but none seem to look like her.
Temp is 79 /80 I do have a heater but it has been a constant 79/80 past 2 mo with out it on. It's been extremelyhot summer and I don't have central air so it's hot in the house 24/7
29 gallons, tank is not in the sun at all, 2 aqua clear 50 filters, and a 50 g bubbler, apI flakes 2 to 3x day, and shrimp sinking pellets, occasion veggies blanched, last water change my sister did sunday, has been set up since may, freshwater no salt,
Tank mates: 2 platys, 3 eel loachs, total of 4 mollies one was added a wk ago, and a clown pleco who is 1.5 inches but will be going to a separate 50 gallon this wk
Sister added java moss today for the fry when they hatch
Help pls!



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Josh Holloway--Be mine!!!
She does not look sick, but I do not have any "before" pictures to compare with.

Gypsy Danger

Registered Member
She was a healthy shiny orange, but now there is a film that looks just like hard water and my plecos mouth has a thin rim of it as well. But he is acting normal. It literally looks like lime scale /hard water like you get on your faucets. Could it really be that? Or...? I'm pretty new to fish so I'm kinda worried.


Josh Holloway--Be mine!!!
Fish does not get "Hard Water Scales". Could it be ICH?

Gypsy Danger

Registered Member
I didn't think they could, not ick, it's a film but not fuzzy and not like salt grains. And I can't find pics of anything that looks like it online.



Josh Holloway--Be mine!!!
Could be just me, but I cannot see anything wrong. What are your water parameters?
The temp is OK.

the loach

AC Members
I don't see it either. As long as they are acting and eating normally, there is no reason for concern yet.
I do see a sea shell which can alter water chemistry and this is not recommended certainly not for soft water fish like plecos. There are a lot of plastic plants but the tank seems to be reasonably lit, it would be better getting some easy low light plants, that will be beneficial.