betta fish

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  1. F


    Hi! I’m a new betta fish owner and my betta is acting off. I got him a little over a week ago, and since I put him in the tank, he’s been gliding along the glass and staying at the top of the water. I checked and there is 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates, and the ph is about 7.4. I also have a...
  2. N

    Stocking my 90l tank

    I recently bought a Fluval Accent 95l tank. The dimensions are 76x32x49cm. This is my first tank. Its a heavily planted tank with lots of hiding spots. I have 1 Bristlenose Pleco, 1 Peppered Cory, 2 mystery snails, 5 cardinal tetras, 5 glowlight tetras and 4 harlequins in my tank. I want to...
  3. L

    ISO Metaframe Betta Tank

    I know this is a long shot but I’m looking for this specific tank. Would like for the glass to be intact.
  4. L

    Red spots on Betta?

    Hi, I set up a small aquarium for a black orchid betta male about a week or two ago, and I’ve noticed he has these little red looking spots on his head that have spread. They almost look like ulcers or like his scales are missing? He is overall pretty active and is eating fine. The tank is 3.5...
  5. P

    Fin bubble on betta fish fin?

    I'm really concerned for my betta fish, Union Jack (he's red, white and blue), as there seems to be a weird white bubble on his fin. I tried to take as many pictures to show what it looks like. This is a new thing and he didn't have this like, 2 weeks ago. Can someone please help me?
  6. M

    Betta changing color

    Is it normal for a Betta to be bright-colored or to have dull colors instead? I've read that wild Bettas usually look darker...but if a bright-colored Betta turns dark, it's a sign of disease/stress, right?
  7. M

    Betta fish

    How many Betta fish can a 55-gallon tank house?
  8. M

    Betta Fish

    So I'm new to the world of fish keeping and I'm still researching the topic of which fish to get. I want a species that isn't too demanding, is fairly easy to care of and of course, I don't want to spend a fortune. Would a Betta Fish be an okay choice?
  9. F

    Help! I think my Betta has velvet.

    Hello, I have a crowntail betta. Ive had him for almost a month now. Hes usually very active and a bit of an eater. I have been away for a few days (my brother fed him while i was away). i noticed he stayed at the bottom of the tank a lot today which isnt his norm. Hes normally a happy little...
  10. S

    Sex of betta fry?

    Hello all, Newbie here. Hoping I am posting in the right forum... I purchased a betta fry from Petco 2 weeks ago and it is currently in a heated 1-gallon tank (he/she will be moved into a 2.5 gallon within the next two weeks). I have never owned a betta fry so I am excited to find out its sex...
  11. H

    Betta Fish Death Diagnostic

    Betta Fish Death Hello, I would love some information on what the cause of my betta dying may have been. I had owned him for 3.5 years. and he was at least a year old when I bought him. I had him in a 15 gallon, filtered, heated tank. I exchanged about 24 cups of treated tap water a month...
  12. R

    Betta Fish, possible fin rot? Need help

    Hello, I am a new betta fish owner and while doing a bit of cleaning in my betta's tank today I noticed his back tail fin looks tattered and pieces are missing. It wasn't like that yesterday and I'm pretty worried. This is what his fin looked like a few days ago: Looking back on pictures...
  13. Jazmin0303

    Betta 10gal Help Once Again

    so I recently made a post on what kind of fish to have in a 10 gal with a Betta and a snail and was in the process of cycling said tank. Unfortunately, my boyfriend’s grandma’s Betta fish was in need of something better than a bowl, literally so close to dying that I needed to get him into my...
  14. S

    Sick betta, can't figure out what's wrong

    Hello, this is (unfortunately) my first post because I don't know where else to go. My poor betta Charlie got sick a long while ago, I would say about a month ago. At first I thought he was just constipated due to being overfed pellet food. He was still able to swim but was staying on his side...
  15. R

    Male betta fish with silver/ cloudy white looking jaw

    I adopted a red male betta fish from a cheap side road shop this year and he has gone through some tough times due too my lack of experience. He has jumped out of a bowl while I changed his tank and suffered a damaged fin. It has healed and he seems fine but about six months later, after leaving...
  16. PattyCakes81

    My betta Merric doing much better but NOW looks like Ich!!! :'(

    Hi guys, I have posted before about my male betta fish Merric not doing well. It looks like Merric my male betta is doing fine. His color has returned to normal, he is actively exploring his tank, he is swimming upright and he is no longer bloated. But NOW it looks like he has Ich!! He has...
  17. PattyCakes81

    What is wrong with my betta, Merric? :'(

    Hi guys, :'( My betta fish Merric is not doing good. Dont know what is wrong with him. Suddenly today he started hanging out behind the intake tube. He's bloated, was more grayish and brown, tilting to the side, he's eyes were also popping out a little bit. Here's video Any help greatly...
  18. L

    Question: About My Betta

    My female betta fish is full of eggs at the moment. She's gained a lot of weight & her little white egg tube is sticking out. I do not plan on breeding her & I was wondering if I should do anything about this? She seems very uncomfortable... Swimming a bit sideways & a little slower. Should I do...
  19. A

    Lazy Betta

    my betta fish is hanging around at the corner of the tank not moving. it started about 1 month ago and he will only move if i wobble the tank. he's hardly eating and his colours don't look as bright as they used to. please help! :(
  20. K

    HELP! Filter situation in need of a solution

    Hello everyone, so back in December of 2014 I was gifted my first fish, a beautiful blue betta. Immediately I went out and purchased Petco's Arc 6.25g fish tank and fell in love with it's setup. Unfortunately, it's time to change the filter catridge as they are no longer doing their job (as...