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  1. S

    FW Angelfish Dying--No Idea Why? Help!

    Hey Everyone, I was once a member here many years back, and recently restarted seriously my aquarium. My tank (planted 46 bowfront) has been up and running for close to a year and a half, and the current stocking is this: 1 large adult angel 1 small (1.5") angel 2 juli cory cats 3 assorted...
  2. N

    Silver Dollar Info/Tank mates

    I am thinking of starting a 65-75g tank with a small school of silver dollars and maybe some tank mates. I have had some experience with freshwater fishkeeping, but i am no expert. Im also hoping I can make a nice looking environment in the tank without breaking the bank. 1. Is 65-75g enough...
  3. S

    Plants dying. Don't know why

    I have a 20 gallon freshwater planted aquarium. I've had it for about 7 months and plants have constantly died in it and the last plant renaming is some Green Temple. I have eco-complete substrate, pH is a bit high at 7.6 and I'm working on lowering that but it doesn't seem to ever go down with...
  4. A

    Research Practicum on Goldfish Memory Span with 15 gold fish

    HEY so Im doing a project on Goldfish memory span (Comet tails). I plan on keeping 15 in a 20 gallon tank. I'm aware that its not a great idea to do that but I bought two 20 gallon filters, will start growing the bacteria, and other stuff to increase their survival and comfort. I do not have...
  5. P

    Black Ghost Knife Fish Questions

    I have this Black Ghost Knife Fish in my 40 gallon community tank. I got it 2 1/2 years ago when it was only about 3 inches. Now it is 7 inches long and still growing. As these things get massive, will they eat the other community fish? I have Emperor Tetras and another small tetra species with...
  6. The Dave

    Keeping, feeding, and breeding Mystery Snails.

    I love Mystery Snails ( Pomacea diffusa ) I always have, and I have noticed that there is a lot of incorrect information out there. I made a video to correct that problem. I hope you enjoy it.
  7. 3

    How to add Betta to community planted tank

    Hello~ I've been wanting to add a Betta to my 20gal freshwater tank for some time now and I'm not sure sure whether to go ahead witH my plan due to how aggressive these fish are. I've heard that because they have fancy, long tails, having them in a community tank is tricky depending on the tank...
  8. 3

    Cloudy water and filter change in planted tank

    Hello~ I'm new here and fairly new to fish keeping in general and I am concerned about the how my filter is affecting my water quality. I hope you can help me diagnose and solve the issue. To give you a bit of background. I got a 20gal tank last Thanksgiving along with LED lighting, a heater...
  9. F

    dream realized; now reality

    I've always wanted a big tank and I recently stumbled upon a 135g that was too good to pass up. Now, however, comes the fun (and nightmare) of setting up this beast. My first questions are about plumbing. I have two 90g currently running with overflows/sumps. I won't use anything else. The 135...
  10. C


    Hello, I am having quite the trouble picking out which type of fish would fit nicely in my 55gl community tank. So far, I have 6 julii cories and 6 rummynose tetras (getting more soon). My stock plan is to add 6 dwarf neon rainbowfish, some other sort of tetra/small schooling fish, and 1 (or...
  11. I

    Noob needing to transfer tanks. advice please TIA!

    Hello everyone, My name is Tawnya, I am about 2 months in to freshwater tropical fish. Currently I only have a 20 gallon tank. I bought a 55g tank that i would like to use. I admit this would be a lot easier if i started with the 55, but i had no idea i would love the whole process so much...
  12. F

    Liquid KH dosing

    Hi, Who can think of a way to dose liquid KH or alk buffer using a dosing pump? It's easy to find solutions (no pun intended) for marine tanks OR powders for fresh water tanks. But I've not found a liquid product for fresh water. My tap water is 1KH so I need to dose alkalinity buffer, or...
  13. E

    Help: New 40 Gallon Freshwater Tank

    Hey, I'm new to the aquarium world and have grown extremely interested in these things recently. I have a 40-G tank and after a decent amount of research I plan to have it become a Live plant, freshwater aquarium. As a college student, I prefer plants/animals/environments that I can spend less...
  14. S

    URGENT*** Possible Betta sickness??

    I just recently discovered my male betta looks like he's losing scales and color (shown in picture). It looks almost like his tail is shedding, too. I've never seen this happen before. I clean his tank once a week and I treat it with Betta water dechlorinater. What can I do?? I love my little...
  15. S

    The Newest of Newbies

    I have only ever had male bettas, but recently I started researching into starting a larger tank. Since I'm in college living in a dorm room, I'm restricted to 10 gallons. I've been looking at Flame Tetras, and I like them a lot. I just know very little about what to do with tanks, what fish do...
  16. G

    Euthanasia - Clove Oil

    I'm a Fisheries undergrad and in my class we had to tag live fish. We used clove oil, which acts as a numbing agent and slows their respiration. In larger quantities it also can euthanize fish. I have done this three times for my own personal fish. I had a golden dojo loach with wasting away...
  17. K

    Looking for help with my first Angelfish tank!

    I've been thinking about putting angelfish in our 55 gallon aquarium eventually, but I've never had angelfish before and have a lot of questions. I'm sorry this is so long. First off, what kind of water would be best? I know they prefer softer, slightly acidic water but my water is the opposite...