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Fish Ideas For 20 Gallon


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Hi, I recently got a new 20 gallon tank. My hopes for this tank are to transfer my telescope goldfish, 3 guppies and 3 white cloud minnows into the tank. I would also like to either get new fish for the tank, or add more fish, like guppies and white cloud minnows. I was also thinking of another goldfish other than a telescope. Should I get different fish?(If so what kinds?) Or should I get more of the kinds of fish I have?

Note 1: This tank is 20 inches in length, 10 inches in width and 25 inches in height.
Note 2: The goldfish i have is only about 4 inches long.


20 extra high? That creates some extra challenges.

Are guppies cold water fish, like the white clouds and goldfish? How big will the current goldfish get?


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The goldfish will get about 5 inches max. The white cloud minnows and guppies like a temperature around 78 Fahrenheit I have found. The goldfish is relatively OK with any temperature over 68 Fahrenheit.


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Ok. My goldfish died due to a freak accident. I am going to change the temperature. I am thinking of leaving the fish in their tank, and start a tiger barb tank. I have heard they are very aggressive and need at least schools of six. I would like to find out other fish that could be compatible with these fish. Any ideas?


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Tiger barbs should live only with other active swimmers. Due to your limited tank's size, your best choice may be another school of 6 zebra danios. But this will
be a loaded tank, IMO.


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I love those fish, but this tank is new and online it says they are going to need a larger tank than a 20 if I want to add more. Also it said they don't do well in new tanks.


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I think I found 5 borneo barbs at my LFS. I was wondering if I should take the five or if I should take 6 tiger barbs instead.


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I'm not sure what "Borneo barbs" are. Your 20g high tank isn't big enough for 6+ tiger barbs IMO. A quick google said "Borneo barbs" are tiger barbs. But common names are not often accurate.

I like white clouds; guppies are just meh to me. But how about a dwarf corydoras species? Most corys are happy at low 70s as are white clouds & guppies, just a thought.


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Very much agree. Some time ago I picked up ~6 tiger barbs from a local Petsmart when they had them on sale for ~$1/ea. Tiny little things, skinny, poor coloring. I brought them back to health, they grew and were too much for the 29g I had them in.