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  1. C

    Female guppy staying at the bottom of the tank

    Hey guys , i have a 5 gallon with some danio zebra, neon tetras and a couple of guppies. So my girl is staying at the bottom of the tank since last night and is breathing kind of heavily. Can you please help me!
  2. FishL0ver

    20 Gallon Tank Fish Ideas

    Hi, I have a tall 20 gallon tank. I was thinking of giving my 3 guppies and white cloud minnows into the tank. However, I was thinking that I could do some other schooling fish instead. One fish that instantly crossed my mind: Tiger barbs. I love these fish and they are the size I find...
  3. L

    Help! Ich / other parasite in tank w/ guppies, nerite snails, and otocinclus

    Hi, I'm new here and new to keeping a fish tank. I bought my 10 year old daughter a fish tank over a year ago for her birthday and we've had a number of problems, including difficulty keeping guppies alive. Currently, we had one last adult guppy and two nerite snails (who seem to be doing...
  4. FishL0ver

    20 Gallon Angelfish?

    I recently have gotten a new 20 gallon fish tank. I am going to switch my 3 guppies, 3 white cloud minnows and 4 inch goldfish into the tank. I have always had a fascination with angelfish. I was wondering if I could put just one angel in the tank with the other fish I have. Is it possible...
  5. FishL0ver

    Fish Ideas For 20 Gallon

    Hi, I recently got a new 20 gallon tank. My hopes for this tank are to transfer my telescope goldfish, 3 guppies and 3 white cloud minnows into the tank. I would also like to either get new fish for the tank, or add more fish, like guppies and white cloud minnows. I was also thinking of another...
  6. FishL0ver

    Guppies dying

    I have had many guppies over the years. Any guppies I have ever had have never lived to a year of age. They always have the same symptoms and die within two days of the illness. These are their symptoms: 1. Lethargicness 2. tail fins get tucked in 3. Unable to swim well...
  7. M

    Freshwater tank kind of cloudy white

    Hello; I have never had this issue before and cannot figure it out. It seems that it started about 2 weeks after I put a female guppy in my tank because I wanted some babies. (50 gallon tank, bottom gravel filtering, eco system) Well, the tank has had a kind of cloudy look since. I wonder if...
  8. C


    Hi all, I'm sorry for the bold title but I'm in a bit of an emergency with my fish. The filter of my family's tank broke and my parents decided to install a new filter, as well as replace the majority of water in the tank to clean it (yes, I know, bad idea, but they didn't know). In reaction to...
  9. W

    Red Gills, otherwise healthy guppies

    I am having a problem with my female guppy tank, 10 gallons 5-6 months old, all my parameters are all spot on, I do weekly 50% water changes, there are 7 adult females and around 20 something fry including accidentally breed some muppies (balloon Molly female/male guppy) is it just to...
  10. U

    Pregnant guppy is stuck giving birth! Help been over 12 hours!

    My guppy is separated in a breeding tank and has had one baby that I know about and it looks like there's another one coming out but it looks stuck. How can I help her get it out? It's been over 12 hours. I feed them bloodworms if that helps and she's usually in a 60 gallon. It also looks like...
  11. T

    Betta with guppies and ADFs... biting?

    Hello! I'm new here. I made a profile to ask a question. I have a betta in a 10G tank with 2 ADFS and a couple feeder guppies (nothing special... given to me by my science teacher bc her tank was getting crowded). My betta is extremely active and a very healthy looking boy except his...
  12. The Dave

    A Guppy Having Babies

    This amazing high definition video takes an up close look at the miracle of birth. You will see a gravid female guppy ( technically it's a female Orchid Endler ) giving birth to her 37 babies. There is lots of information, supported by video clips, that I am sure will amaze even the most jaded...
  13. The Dave

    A Guppy Having Babies ( orchid endler )

  14. N

    New 12 gallon tank

    I recently received a 12 gallon tank as a gift. I put all the water, conditioner, bio start, filter, heater and 2 live plants in. I let it sit for about a week and a half before putting the fish in about 2 days ago. In the tank I have 2 Guppies (male and female), 3 Platy fish (2 male, 1 female)...
  15. N

    Dumb male guppie

    Basically I got a tank a few weeks ago and waited till only a few days ago to put the fish in. I have 3 Platy fish, 2 guppies, 2 angel fish. My problem is that the male guppie pays almost no attention to the female guppie whatso ever. He occasionally chases the Platys, and even when he's not...
  16. The Dave

    The Amazing Black Bar Endler - - the most beautiful fish you've never seen.

    Black Bar Endlers ( Endler's Livebearer) are an incredibly beautiful fish species that are rarely seen in pet stores. So, most people have never even seen one in person. If you have never seen an Endler Livebearer, I suggest that you watch the following video. These fish are incredible. They are...
  17. The Dave

    A great video for anyone interested in breeding guppies and endler livebearers

    Hello everyone, I breed N-Class Endlers ( Black Bars) and Guppy / Endler hybrids. Does anyone here keep these fish? I have N-class Endlers in one room and guppy hybrids in another. When I have to cull N-class fish, I put them in my hybrid tanks, and the results are amazing. They are very...
  18. T

    deformed guppy/endler hybrids

    Hi folks! This is my first time posting in this forum but I have read several threads and learned lots from them so I thought I would come here first with questions from our latest venture. My boyfriend and I recently picked up a 30 gallon tank with fish, lights, heater, stand and...
  19. F

    is it a female guppy or male guppy ?

    I m confused it is a femae guppy or male guppy :(
  20. L

    Back in the trenches......

    welp, New Member here......I heard of this forum from a couple evil members on a totally unrelated board....a firewood burning board, if you can believe it! They will recognize my monicker from that forum......anyhow, I digress.... I am old...54 this year, and have kept aquaria in various forms...