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  1. S

    Fishes dying

    I have an aquarium (around 30 gallons) it's heavily planted. It Has 65% water changes weekly. I've kept 3 bumblee gobys in there for a few months with no issues. I also had 2 figure 8's which id kept with them for a few months with no issues. I purchased a third puffer. 2 weeks later the 3...
  2. G

    Weird pimple like bump on my white goldfish.¿?

    I was at my mothers house all week but my dad still would feed my fish when I was gone. I came back today and looked at them to find that there is a zit/pimple like bump on my white goldfish's eye. I haven't had any other problems with any of the other fish but I wanna know if I should put this...
  3. Astarell

    PH help, desperate

    So I've had fish for more than 20 years and I honestly can't figure this problem out. Right now I have 5 tanks, but only two of them are giving me trouble. The PH is dropping dramatically in a matter of hours no matter what I do. All water parameters are normal except the ph. Ammonia is...
  4. F

    [URGENT] Algae problem

    Today I came home and found my pictus eating algae, he was flipped over and trying to get to the surface I think to breathe. I don't know what to do so for now we put him in a different tank (isolated) and it's very small. we try to keep him 1/2 in the water and 1/2 the time out. what should I...
  5. M

    I don't know whats going on?

    Um I have a question I have an angle fish and their is angelfish eggs and I only have one and its a BOY! can someone tell me whats going on here pls?
  6. L

    Sick betta-how to help?

    I purchased a female betta about a month ago,and a week later after her introduction into my community tank(after a week of quarantine in an 8 gallon),she developed ick.I then transferred her back to the 8 gallon tank which is then treated with oceanfree ick,slime and velvet go away! for 2 weeks...
  7. R

    Help sick fish

    I came home to see a nasty ulcer on my gold fish, right under his tail near his bum, he cant swim normally and swims upright (tail at the top of the tank and head down) his usually a very active fish but isn't moving much. I thought his floating might have something to do with food so I tried...
  8. B

    Guppies in a 10gal

    Hi, If you couldn't already tell, I am new. I am ordering my first aquarium, which is a 10 gallon aqueon. I am planning to put some guppies in there, because my uncle (He is a marine biologist) said that would be a good starting point. I was wondering how many guppies would be good for a 10...
  9. J

    Can anyone identify this fish??

    Hi I recently adopted this fish as a friend wanted rid of it, all I know is it is tropical and living with my other fish just fine, any breed name would be a big help, thanks
  10. S

    New Fish Tank - Community Ideas - Help! :)

    Hi All, New to this forum and fishkeeping so understand i may be wrong about a lot of this so feel free to correct me :) I have a Tank with lots of assorted ornaments/fake plants/drift wood. I don't have a plan as to what gravel will be used in the tank at present, the tank comes with dorset...