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  1. D

    Stocking ideas

    I currently have a 40 gallon breeder, it’s fully cycled, the PH is at 7.0 and the temp is set at 26 degrees, in the aquarium I currently have; 1 male juvenile Firemouth 6 Buenos Aires tetra Could anyone suggest anything else to put in this tank, haven’t got any preferences so any suggestion helps.
  2. H

    10 gal Stocking Advice/?s

    Hello! I am new to fish keeping and would like some opinions/advice on my possible plan for a 10 gallon tank. After a lot of reading online I was thinking about building up the following community: - 2 guppies - 3 platies - 3 ghost shrimp - 1 netrite snail My questions are: -Is this an...
  3. F

    55 additions to stocking

    Hello so my 55 currently has 6 serpae tetra, 7 emperor tetra, 2 juvanile dwarf guaraumi (hopefully a male and female pair but I was told they might both be female) and a few ghost shrimp. I’m wondering what else would be okay to add? The ph is About 7 the temp is about 78, the water is...
  4. F

    50 gal semi aggressive stock

    Hello, Just wanting to post a stocking idea and get some feedback as I always like to check what others think as well as research. I have a 50 gal heavily planted aquarium that currently has a single albino bristlenose pleco in it (juvenile currently) and 3 black neons(leaving in a few days as I...
  5. M

    Stocking question

    I currently have 5 zebra danios and 3 platies in my 29 gallon cycled tank, my water is soft, my ph is 7.2, my temperature is 75. I am thinking about adding 5 black emperor tetras and 5 black Kuhli Loaches. Is this an okay stock and would this be the limit to my stocking? I do have sand substrate...
  6. FishL0ver

    Fish Ideas For 20 Gallon

    Hi, I recently got a new 20 gallon tank. My hopes for this tank are to transfer my telescope goldfish, 3 guppies and 3 white cloud minnows into the tank. I would also like to either get new fish for the tank, or add more fish, like guppies and white cloud minnows. I was also thinking of another...
  7. Teddy's Mom

    Stocking 3g nano tank

    Hi all, Happy New Year! I'd like some opinions: I just scored a nice-looking little tank with "built in"/hidden filtration/heater, for free off The main tank area is 3 gallons, with 1 more gallon circulating behind it. (Before any substrate etc.) I will use a little media from my...
  8. FishyWarrior

    New 40 gallon stocking help

    Hey guys, it's been a while since i've been back here! But this time i'm asking for help for my sister's 40 gallon tank instead of my own. She knows for sure that she wants green tiger barbs and wants to build the rest of the stocking based on that. First, how many barbs do you guys suggest for...
  9. K

    37 Gallon Tank (Tall). Looking for Unique/Strange stocking ideas!

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend gifted me with a 37 gallon tank. it is 30 H by 12 W by 22 H. It's tall! I'm looking for stocking ideas that people don't usually do. I say this because I'm tired of the usual stockings. Angelfish, Gouramis, Tetras, Rasboras.... Some of these are okay, but I don't want...
  10. FishyWarrior

    40 Gallon redone

    My tank has been through a lot over the year it's been up, but now it's been completely revamped from the ground up. Right now only my 5 panda cories are in it as well as snails and a couple amano shrimp. I was originally going to have a large school of neon tetras in it but after having the...
  11. FishyWarrior

    Restocking 40 gallon after mass die off

    Here i am again asking about stocking, haha. But recently i went away for a week to visit a friend and came back to a crisis in my 40 gallon. My dad was in charge with feeding and said everything was fine, but i came home to incredibly stressed fish that refused to eat as well as several dead...
  12. P

    Moving fish from my 10 gallon to a new 20 gallon

    I have had my first aquarium, a 10 gallon, for about a year now and have had a lot of success, so I am going to be upgrading to a 20 gallon tank. My tank currently has a dwarf gourami, 5 neon tetras, 2 otos and 2 ghost shrimp. I would like to add some more fish once I get my new tank set up and...
  13. J

    First Tank, 29 gal w/ high pH, will this be safe for an angelfish??

    I'm in the process of doing a fishless cycle on my very first tank ever. It's a 29 gal freshwater tank planted with anubias nana, java moss and a red sword (I'll also be adding a jungle val this week). I'm using all seachem products including Flourite for the substrate and prime as the...
  14. OBlitzO

    Notho Killies with Clown/Rocket Killies a bad idea?

    I have 10 gallon tank with 2 clown killies in it (with some shrimp and a decent amount of plants) would adding a breeding pair of notho killies be a bad idea? The female clown killies are small ... i am just afraid the nothos will eat them. Or do you think they will leave them alone? Any...
  15. N

    Rainbowfish stocking help!

    Hi everybody! I just bought 6 Western Rainbowfish but unfortunately one died in shipping:( So I am only left with 5. Now I know that ideally, most rainbows should be kept in shoals of 6. I have always wanted to stock Praecox rainbows/ dwarf neon rainbow fish so my question is, would it be...
  16. BlazeitChris

    20 Gallon Long Stocking!

    Hey everyone, I am currently stocking a 20 gallon long and I was wondering if I could get some advice on my stocking ideas. I checked on Aqadvisor and they both seem to check out. I am running a Fluval 206 canister at the moment and can add a U4 internal or C4 HOB if needed. 1) Barb Tank: 5-6...
  17. BlazeitChris

    55 Gallon Re-stocking 2.0

    Hey everyone. So long story short the rest of my rainbowfish have recently passed from a unidentifiable disease which has not affected the other fish in my tank to my knowledge. The current stock at the moment is: 2 juv. clown loaches, 1 bn pleco, 1 synodontis, 1 Siamese algae eater (NOT...
  18. B

    Stocking my tank help

    My tank is 48 inches long, 12.5 inches deep, and 18 inches tall. I posted another thread asking about how many gallons it was, and got the answer 50 and 46 gallons from two different people at the moment. What would be good stocking options?
  19. FishyWarrior

    Rethinking 40g stocking

    Sorry for starting so many threads here lately, but i might need to reconsider what i'm putting in my 40 gal community tank. The water that comes out of my tap that i use for the tank has a high ph of 7.8-8 (hard to tell which color exactly). I can't test for hardness at the moment, but i hear...
  20. FishyWarrior

    Stocking a 45gal

    Hi! I'm about to get my first tank soon and I need help with stocking it. It will be a 45 gallon planted freshwater aquarium. I went over to aqadvisor to see if my numbers were alright but i wanted a second opinion that wasn't just an automated system. 1 pearl gourami 8 cardinal tetras 5 dwarf...