betta disease

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  1. G

    Sick (or old?) betta

    Shish is a single male betta, approximately 2.5 years old, kept in a 3.5 gallon tank. Parameters are all good at every weekly test/25% change. He suffered (I think) a case of popeye maybe two months ago, which was treated with Melafix; his eye is still cloudy but the swelling has gone down, so...
  2. B

    really sick betta- please help

    hi! i took home a betta fish yesterday from petco that was NOT doing well at all. ive been doing research all day and i think he has velvet, swim bladder disease, and columnaris. hes not eating, has little black spots on his fin, a med sized wooly white patch and redness on his sides, and he has...
  3. K

    Female Betta Needs Help :'(

    Ive had Uma for almost 3 weeks now and shes never behaved like this. Shes been sitting at the waterline for roughly 6 hours now and shes starting to swell a tiny bit. She has a egg spot hanging out of her bootie so i know she producing eggs soon but is shes supposed to be swimming normally? Is...
  4. P

    Discoloration on Lethargic Betta

    Does anyone know what this orangey discoloration on my betta is? He’s usually black and blue, this isn’t normal for him. First noticed a spot this morning and it has spread considerably. New to the hobby and just want my dude to be okay, ready and willing to learn. 6 days ago, filter got...
  5. S

    Dropsy or parasites/overfeeding?

    Hello all! My betta Stitch has been lethargic for the last 24 hours or so, and I am concerned about dropsy. Would love some insights if possible. I had to enhance the pictures a bit since he is most black and getting a good shot was tough. I should note that he does normally have black around...
  6. S

    New betta - dropsy, swim bladder disease or constipation?

    Hello all, I recently acquired my second betta, Nero, after losing my first, Razzle to a suspected infection after he developed popeye and become extremely weak. He was a Petsmart purchase, and sadly did not respond to the antibiotics/water changes I gave him. I think my having been using the...
  7. S

    SOS Betta Popeye

    Hello... I joined this forum because I purchased my first betta fish, Razzle, from Petco about 2 weeks ago. I'm in the process of ordering a 5 gallon tank for him (I currently only have one 2.5 gallon, which I did not realize was too small at the time I bought it). Starting last week he has...
  8. PurpleGem

    How long do I keep my betta in the hospital container after treatment?

    I treated my betta with Blue Planet's tri sulfa and although during treatment it seemed to get worse, after the treatment finished the symptoms have nearly disappeared. How much longer should I keep him separated? He shares the main tank with some endlers, the lady who was instructing me on...
  9. PurpleGem

    Small yellow spots, please help ID

    Hi all, I've posted before about my betta having this strange grey coating around his gills. I've seen these small flecks before , there were only one or two but today I noticed a lot more of them around his left gill, the patch on his left side and in his right nostril. They aren't white, more...
  10. PurpleGem

    Help identifying dark gray fuzz around gill.

    30L tank with indian almond leaf extract water to treat fin rot. 26°C . Tank has male betta x1, 2x male endlers and 4x female tiger endlers. First set up in the first week of August 2020 but have been having trouble cycling it so ammonia levels are high, been using Prime to try and make it safe...
  11. hickory_smoke

    Help! Mysterious Spot on Betta's Head?

    Hello everyone! First-time fish keeper, I've had my aquarium for about two weeks now! I have a beautiful male black orchid super delta betta fish, two African dwarf frogs, and three blue mystery snails! I have them all in a 9 gallon Fluval Flex aquarium with all live plants. All seem to be doing...
  12. F

    Betta Fish Ripping Tail?!?!

    Hi- I’ve had my betta for a bit longer than a month now and recently, he’s been tearing his tail (...a lot). He never did this before, and I first started noticing the tears about a week ago. I removed anything that I thought could be causing it (driftwood, big stone), yet he’s still tearing...
  13. F


    Hi! I’m a new betta fish owner and my betta is acting off. I got him a little over a week ago, and since I put him in the tank, he’s been gliding along the glass and staying at the top of the water. I checked and there is 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates, and the ph is about 7.4. I also have a...
  14. R

    Betta full of snail shells, swim bladder issues

    My betta discovered the delights of eating snails and now he won't stop! I had some MTS and pond/bladder snails hitchhike in on some plants a while back, and I didn't really mind because snails are neat. :) One day a baby pond snail dropped from the surface of the tank and my betta ate it. Now...
  15. Sprinkle

    Betta with lose of activity level and molly fry with not ICH

    Hi all! I've noticed that my betta has lost some of his activity level. He lays on bottom without slightest movement. My temp is fine I suppose, but I will make it a bit higher and remove some of the water as it seems that the current heater I have is unstable, doesn't heat from time to time...
  16. L

    Red spots on Betta?

    Hi, I set up a small aquarium for a black orchid betta male about a week or two ago, and I’ve noticed he has these little red looking spots on his head that have spread. They almost look like ulcers or like his scales are missing? He is overall pretty active and is eating fine. The tank is 3.5...
  17. P

    Fin bubble on betta fish fin?

    I'm really concerned for my betta fish, Union Jack (he's red, white and blue), as there seems to be a weird white bubble on his fin. I tried to take as many pictures to show what it looks like. This is a new thing and he didn't have this like, 2 weeks ago. Can someone please help me?
  18. M

    Betta changing color

    Is it normal for a Betta to be bright-colored or to have dull colors instead? I've read that wild Bettas usually look darker...but if a bright-colored Betta turns dark, it's a sign of disease/stress, right?
  19. S

    Betta is Listless, Lying on Bottom of Tank, Ignores Food

    About two years ago, I was gifted a male betta by a student. The betta hadn't been very well cared for, but I got him into a 5-gal tank with a filter and heater. He has snail buddies, a plant, and some assorted decorations. He had been very active and playful, and seemed overall in good health...
  20. F

    Help! I think my Betta has velvet.

    Hello, I have a crowntail betta. Ive had him for almost a month now. Hes usually very active and a bit of an eater. I have been away for a few days (my brother fed him while i was away). i noticed he stayed at the bottom of the tank a lot today which isnt his norm. Hes normally a happy little...